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A sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: sports
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 American football is a team ball sport with similarities to rugby and to other sports known as "football".

In the U.S. this sport is known simply as "football" however this word is clearly too ambiguous for use as a tag. We should be more precise with this full tag sport=american_football.

Note also that this sport is not only played in America. The tag is perfectly valid elsewhere in the world. The sport is sometimes called "gridiron" due to its characteristic playing field, which is marked with a series of parallel lines resembling a gridiron. Canadian football, sport=canadian_football, is played on a similar gridiron pitch (see below for mapper-visible distinctions).

How to map

area Heinz Field

Add this tag to any place where a field has been setup for playing American football.

The tag sport=american_football (all lowercase with an underscore) should be combined with a physical tag:

Additional tags

American vs. Canadian football fields

sport=american_football and sport=canadian_football fields are similar at a glance but have some differences that should be obvious on the ground or from higher resolution aerial imagery:

sport=american_football sport=canadian_football
Length 100 yards
"50" yardline at the center
110 yards
"C" at the center with two "50" yardlines on either side
Goal posts At the back of the endzones At the front of the endzones
Endzone 10 yards deep 20 yards deep
Diagram Terrain football américain.png Terrain football canadien2.png

The Canadian field is also wider (65 yards vs. 53 1/3 yards for American) and has different hash mark placement, however these relative dimensions aren't as obvious. See Comparison of American and Canadian football#Playing area on Wikipedia for a fuller description.

Statistically, a gridiron field in the US is probably American football, whereas one in Canada is probably Canadian football.

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