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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = public_bookcase
Regał publiczny w Hanowerze.
A street furniture containing books. Take one, leave one. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Amenities
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A public bookcase (sometimes known as a book exchange) is a type of street furniture containing books. Anyone can take a book from it, or leave one of their own. Contrary to a formal library, there is no rental registry, no membership, no fees and no obligation to return the books borrowed. Books made available on a public bookcase are considered a public commodity to be shared among the local community.

Public bookcases come in many shapes:

  • standing on their own: a bookcase or a small hut;
  • built reusing a public amenity: an old telephone booth or the back of a bus stop;
  • placed on the wall of a public place: shelves in the hall of a community center or on the external wall of a library.

They are also known under the name of Little Free Library, a project which helped popularize the movement of public bookcases. (A very special case of LFL is the Peace Pole Library - peace message in 6' tall LFL; a few have been installed at historic civil rights movement locations in the U.S. South. No apparent official tag for peace poles, of which there are 200,000 worldwide.)

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Applies to nodes or areas.

Tag Description
amenity=public_bookcase The tag used to describe a street furniture containing books.
name=* Optional. Name of the public bookcase, for example hand written text on the furniture (e.g. "Thomas' Little Library").
brand=* Optional. Name of the brand or network of the bookcase if there is one visible (e.g. BookCrossing, Croque-livres, Little Free Library.).
capacity=number Optional. Number of books the bookcase can contain.
opening_hours=* Optional. Can be an important information.
operator=* Optional. Name of the operator, for example a restaurant that provides the bookcase within its walls.
public_bookcase:type=* Optional. Distinction based designs.
website=* Optional. Website of the public bookcase, if one exists.


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