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Public-images-osm logo.svg historic = aircraft
Historic aircraft monki.JPG
A decommissioned aircraft which generally remains in one place. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Historic
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Status: de facto

A tag for a decommissioned aircraft which has become a tourist attraction, a museum exhibit or a gate guardian. The aircraft will generally remain in one place. This applies to both military and non-military aircrafts.


  • Technik-Museum Speyer [1]
  • Imperial War Museum, Duxford [2]
  • Concorde at Brooklands Museum, London [3]

How to Map

Tag Notes
historic=aircraft for the node or the outline of the aircraft
name=* name of the aircraft (possibly its tail number, e.g. HA-LCR)
tourism=attraction to mark it as a tourist attraction

Additonal tags

Tag Notes
operator=* for the operator of the aircraft
aircraft:type=* Type of the aircraft
start_date=* for the construction date of the aircraft
wikipedia=* museum aircraft often have a Wikipedia page which can be tagged here
wikidata=* museum aircraft often have a Wikidata item which can be tagged here

If the aircraft has some kind of amenity=* like a bar, restaurant or tourism=* like a hotel or a museum, it can be tagged as a separate node with own name and further information.


Don't use building=* on aircraft, even if they are remaining in one place.