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Public-images-osm logo.svg historic = aircraft
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A decommissioned aircraft which generally remains in one place. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Historic
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A tag for a decommissioned aircraft which has become a tourist attraction, a museum exhibit or a  gate guardian. The aircraft will generally remain in one place. This applies to both military and non-military aircrafts.


  • Technik-Museum Speyer [1]
  • Imperial War Museum, Duxford [2]
  • Concorde at Brooklands Museum, London [3]

How to map

Tag Notes
historic=aircraft Used for the node or the outline of the aircraft.
name=* Used for the name of the aircraft (possibly its tail number, e.g. HA-LCR)
tourism=attraction Used to mark the aircraft as a tourist attraction.


  • It may be tempting to tag building=* on any stationary aircraft, given the relatively poor renderer support for historic=aircraft areas. However, this is a stretch of the key's intended meaning that is often frowned upon because it causes some data consumers to make incorrect assumptions. [4] There is such a thing as an airplane house (analogous to a houseboat), so it is best to keep a clear distinction between these dwellings and other aircraft that happen to be stationary.
  • Occasionally, decommissioned aircraft are used to commemorate people or events, which can be indicated by a name or an inscription somewhere on the installation. In this case, historic=memorial can be used. Do not tag aircraft that commemorate nothing as memorials.

Additional tags

Tag Notes
operator=* Used for the operator of the aircraft.
aircraft:type=* The general type of aircraft (Examples include military aircrafts, helicopters, and decommissioned airliners).
manufacturer=*, manufacturer:wikidata=* and manufacturer:wikipedia=* Manufacturer of the aircraft.
model=*, model:wikidata=* and model:wikipedia=* Model of the aircraft.
ref=* Used for the aircraft registration number or code, also known as the tail number.
direction=* The direction in which the aircraft is facing
start_date=* Used for the start date of the aircraft.
wikipedia=* Used for the Wikipedia page of that specific aircraft, not just that model in general.
wikidata=* Used for the Wikidata page of that specific aircraft, not just that model in general.
wikimedia_commons=* Link to a file photo of that specific aircraft, not just that model in general.

If the aircraft has some kind of amenity=* like a bar, restaurant or tourism=* like a hotel or a museum, it can be tagged as a separate node with own name and further information.

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