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Currently we are converting the map features templates in this wiki to Taglists. This page serves to coordinate this project.


It seems best to separate (any discussion about) the technical process of switching to Taglists from (discussion about) the tags that should be displayed. Therefore, at this stage we will set up the Taglists for each page in such a way that it displays exactly the same tags as before.



Suppose you would like to convert the aeroway map features page to Taglists. To do so, you could follow the following steps:

  1. Create a generic page Template:Generic:Map_Features:aeroway with the content of Template:Map_Features:aeroway. We need to do this for now so the non-English pages don't break. When all non-English pages have been migrated to Taglists, we can remove this page again. Change summary: "Create generic page that non-taglinks language versions can use to link to."
  2. In all non-English versions of Template:Map_Features:aeroway that include the template Map_Features:aeroway, include the template Generic:Map_Features:aeroway instead. Change summary: "Refer to generic instead of English page, English page will switch to Taglists".
  3. In Template:Map_Features:aeroway, drop the table and add a Taglists command (use an already converted page as example). Change summary: "Switch to Taglists".
  4. Compare the old page Template:Generic:Map_Features:aeroway and the Taglists page Template:Map_Features:aeroway, in particular the Comment/description and photo. In case the photo or definition on the old page is better than the Taglists photo/definition, modify the photo and/or definition on the page describing the feature. Definitions should not repeat the term they are describing, be singular when the key is also singular (i.e. start wit 'a' or 'an'), and end in a full stop. Example of a good definition for natural=shingle: "An accumulation of rounded rock fragments on a beach or riverbed".
  5. Move Template:Map_Features:aeroway/doc to Template:Generic:Map_Features:aeroway/doc. Change summary: "Doc refers to old Generic page, not to TagLists page."

Users involved in this project