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Healthcare features

Also see Map features#Healthcare which includes healthcare features under amenity=*. There is a full list of healthcare features at Healthcare.

See additional details at Key:healthcare such as healthcare:speciality=* and healthcare:counselling=*.

Value Description
healthcare=alternative Someone practising  alternative or complementary medicine but is not a  medical practitioner or a place where alternative or complementary medicine is practices that does not fit into the other categories (except healthcare=yes)
healthcare=audiologist  Audiologist; if linked with a shop please use shop=hearing_aids instead
healthcare=birthing_centre A non-clinical  birthing centre operated by midwives.
healthcare=blood_bank  Blood bank
healthcare=blood_donation A facility where you can donate blood, plasma and/or platelets, and possibly have stem cell samples taken.
healthcare=counselling Healthcare counselling, e.g. an addiction centre, a nutritionist, or a sex therapist. Also see healthcare=nutrition_counselling
healthcare=dialysis A clinic for day patients to get a haemodialysis  Dialysis
healthcare=hospice A Hospice which provides palliative care to terminal ill people and support to their relatives.
healthcare=laboratory Medical laboratory also called (analytical, diagnostic) is a place that analyses body fluids such as blood, urine, faeces etc .
healthcare=midwife A  Midwife, a health professional who cares for mothers and newborns around childbirth.
healthcare=nurse  Nursing. A facility where some nurses may receive their patients.
healthcare=occupational_therapist Someone who practices  occupational therapy but is not a  medical practitioner.
healthcare=optometrist  Optometrist; If linked with a shop please use shop=optician instead.
healthcare=physiotherapist Someone who practices  physical therapy (or  kinesiotherapy in French-speaking countries) but is not a  medical practitioner.
healthcare=podiatrist Someone who practices  podiatry but is not a Physician.
healthcare=psychotherapist Someone who practices  psychotherapy but is not a Physician.
healthcare=rehabilitation  Medical rehabilitation facility; should not be used for a wellness clinic or hotel.
healthcare=sample_collection Site or dedicated healthcare facility where samples of blood/urine/etc are obtained or collected for purpose of analysing them for healthcare diagnostics.
healthcare=speech_therapist Someone who practices  speech and language therapy.
healthcare=vaccination_centre a healthcare facility specifically dedicated to administering vaccinations to individuals, to provide immunisation against infectious diseases.

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