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Used for more detailed specification of natural=water + water=basin or landuse=basin.

Key Value Comment Photo Rendering
basin infiltration A special basin used for infiltration of rainwater into the groundwater. From  infiltration basin: "It is essentially a shallow artificial pond that is designed to infiltrate stormwater though permeable soils into the groundwater aquifer. Infiltration basins do not discharge to a surface water body under most storm conditions, but are designed with overflow structures (pipes, weirs, etc.) that operate during flood conditions." Bassin infiltration.jpeg Landuse-basin-empty.png
basin detention A special basin used for detention of rainwater before being discharged into a surface water body. From  detention basin: "A detention basin is a stormwater management facility ... that is designed to protect against flooding and, in some cases, downstream erosion by storing water for a limited period of a time. These basins are also called "dry ponds", "holding ponds" or "dry detention basins" if no permanent pool of water exists."
The picture beside shows a "dry pond"
Dry dentention basin.JPG Landuse-basin-empty.png
basin retention A special basin used for retention of rainwater before being discharged into a surface water body. From  retention basin: "A retention basin, is a type of best management practice (BMP) that is used to manage stormwater runoff to prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent river, stream, lake or bay. Sometimes called a "wet pond" or "wet detention basin", it is an artificial lake with vegetation around the perimeter and includes a permanent pool of water in its design." Trounce Pond.jpg Landuse-basin.png
basin evaporation

A basin containing water containing a dissolved substance (precipitate). These basins are used for harvesting precipitate, removing the water from hazardous waste, evaporating the precipitation that falls on a contaminated site, or preventing pesticides, fertilizers, and salts from agricultural wastewater from contaminating the water bodies they would flow into.

Leachate Pond.JPG Landuse-basin.png

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