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parking redux
Mapping of amenity=parking_space / amenity=parking_entrance and combining them to one logical parking lot using a relation with type=site + site=parking
recycling type
To differentiate between big recycling centers and just simple recycling containers
shelter type
To refine an object mapped with amenity=shelter
addr keys (2011-04)
Additional keys for the addr namespace (addr:entrance=*, addr:unit=*, addr:floor=*, addr:room=*, addr:door=*)


A tag to define the two dimensional area of highways
Access restrictions 1.5
Refinement and structured refactoring of the current access tags and modifiers
Automated tasks
A way for mappers to use simple automated tasks (ata_delete=*, ata_move=*, ata_copy=*, ata_change=*)
A way to connect multiple POIs to one address object


A place for children to do homework, play and spend time otherwise after school or kindergarten