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List of Tiles based Maps

Short extern url osm wiki url by user base layer overlay or info blog old name Open XYZ Map Permalink layer
OBroM Open Browser Map
OBusM Open Bus Map
OCM/c Open Cycle Map
ODM OpenDroneMap Twitter Open Source Toolkit Github Code Open Drone Map
OHM OpenHistoricalMap Open Historical Map own database Open Historical Map
OLinM OpenLinkMap OpenLinkMap Rurseekatze Mapnik POI's with Url Open Link Map yes zll BFTTTTT
OLovM Open Love Map
OPisM Open Piste Map
OPoiM Open POI Map
OPtM OpenPTMap no imp mapnik,c public transport lines, wheelchair, timetable Open PT Map yes zll B0000TTTT
ORaiM OpenRailwayMap OpenRailwayMap Rurseekatze Mapnik,Mapquest DE Bahnkarte Open Railway Map
ORivM OpenRiverboatMap based on OSM Bright Open RiverBoat Map
OSeaM OpenSeaMap OpenSeaMap own database Open Sea Map
OSM OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap Mapnik Open Street Map
OSM DE OpenStreetMap DE German Style own style DE Open Street Map
OSV OpenStreetView Mapnik Open Street View
OSMC Wanderreitkarte OSMC Reitkarte Nop Hiking, Horse riding, only Europe News Reit- und Wanderkarte Open Street Map

List of Overlays

Short extern url owm wiki url by user/company base layer overlays or info blog old name/de Slider Permalink layer V Export
NoName Poole Map QA Tool Simon Poole mapnik,landscape no name, no adress, has adress
HisPl Historic.Place Geschichtskarte Lutz Netzwolf Reneman Zecke mapnik etc POI with historical background Geschichtskarte
PLZ Postcode Map Postcodes DE Wambacher mapnik Postcodes Site Postleitzahlenkarte yes yes zll BTFTTTTTTFT 3.4
Admin Admin Boundaries Wambacher mapnik Boundaries no yes zll B0T 3.2 yes
GvO Google vs OSM Sautter gmap,gsat,gter mapnik,de,c,q,opnv,hike,adfc Blog no yes zll B000TTTTTFTT no
Who Who did it Simon04 mapnik Contribution stats as tiles with url's Seite no yes zll (BTT) Github RSS
ITO ITO World maps Ito World Ltd mapnik mostly thematic related ITO World Themenkarten no yes llz no
tni The next ... is mapbox user thematic POI [de] Twitter user@thenextis no zxy Github no

List of Vector based Maps

Short extern url owm wiki url by user/company source info overlays social net
StepMap StepMap GmbH Twitter user@officialstepmap
flOSM 123map GmbH & Co.KG OSM Adobe Flash Player POI, Public Transport, Power Grid, Admin Bounds


Short extern url owm wiki url company social
MapTailer StepMap
MapFacture Address data with Excel Stepmap Twitter user@mapfacture

non-categorized yet

Short extern url owm wiki url user/company purpose source info license code layer social
uMap uMap UMap Ybon easy map design tool OSM WTFPL Bitbucket Github several
fluv ORivM WTFPL ORivM,landsc,mapnik
Share ShareMap online map creation tool, e.g. Wiki Adobe Flash, SVG, interactive CC-BY 3.0 several Twitter user@ShareMap_org
US-Jobs Job Map USA ccbysa stamen
Cabel Submarine cable map github gmap