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Table of routes

Incomplete list of ΟΑΣΘ(oasth) bus routes.

Route Bus operator Route description Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID
5 ΟΑΣΘ The bus route for bus number 5 I need a new source since the current source is a routed trace that is thus a derivative of the OSM map. I would like an independent source trace. (I've made one) Incomplete Relation 1145070
26 ΟΑΣΘ The bus route for bus number 26 100% Complete! Relation 29780
28 ΟΑΣΘ Bus route for 28A and 28B (which is the same, but is used to prevent confusion in some way) Pending email asking the difference between 28A and 28B. Surveyed and noticed them passing through the same route. Relation 151232
37 ΟΑΣΘ No description yet inside the relation data. It is the bus number 37 though. Either broken or I didn't manage to finish all of it. Regardless of that it sure needs some maintenance. Relation 131242