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本頁僅供快速參考,更多信息請查看Making GPX Tracks

如果你是用GPS收集軌跡的話,就需要將軌跡保存成GPX格式. 查閱GPS的手冊或軟件使用指南來確定如何保存軌跡. 如果可以的話就保存成GPX格式. 如果不能直接保存成GPX格式, 就保存成其它的格式轉換成GPX格式. 這個轉換可以用 GPSbabel , 也可以用其他的程序。在不同格式間轉換上可以查到你可以使用的格式和能識別並轉換這種格式的程序。

(在將其它的格式轉換成GPX格式時, 請確定GPX文件使用的是WGS-84座標基準.)

怎樣用 GPSBabel將軌跡轉換成GPX格式



  1. 首先 下載 GPSBabel, 也可以在 這裡 下載.
  2. 將下載的zip文件解壓縮到一個目錄, GPSBabel沒有安裝程序.
  3. 運行 GPSBabelgui.exe 文件.
  4. Input 選擇你的軌跡類型,選定你的原始軌跡文件.
  5. Output 選擇 GPX XML 並確定將轉換後的文件名.
  6. 點擊 "let's go".

Under Mac OS X


  1. Download GPSBabel on the official website in the downloads section. In August 2009, the downloadable .dmg image is both for PPC & Intel Macs (universal) and runs on versions 10.4.x (Tiger) and 10.5.x (Leopard).
  2. Mount the .dmg (double-click on it)
  3. You'll get a new window with 2 files ("gpsbabel" and "GPSBabel+.app"). Create a new folder anywhere in your Mac OS X user directory, and drag these 2 items inside.
  4. Unmount the .dmg (eject it). You can delete the .dmg file if you want.

Converting using the app

  1. Go to your specific GPSBabel newly created folder, and launch GPSBabel+.app
  2. Follow the same procedure as for Windows, beginning with point 4.

Converting using the Mac OS X Terminal

This procedure fits well with some GPS receivers (i.e. NaviGPS) which are not included in the .app GUI

  1. Launch Terminal.app in your Applications/Utilities folder
  2. type this command, adapting the parameters in italic to your configuration :

    /path to gpsbabel/gpsbabel -t -i [input format] -f [input file name] -o gpx -F [output file name]
    Here is a converting example : /Applications/gpsbabel -t -i navilink -f XXX.BIN -o gpx -F xxx.gpx


  1. 安裝gpsbabel.
  2. 執行命令 gpsbabel -t -i [input format] -f [input file name] -o gpx -F [output file name] replacing the relevant parts.


  1. 有許多圖形界面可以簡化GPSBabel的操作,詳情參照GPSBabel
  2. An alternative converter for tcx files is Jander's TCX to GPX converter. (Note: this does not work with the tcx files firect from an Edge device - see the todo about pretty formats)
  3. For Edge TCX files, try TCX Convertor.
  4. TangoGps - TangoGPS convert script
  5. You can also use the TCX-Support Plugin for JOSM to be able to directly open TCX Files. Check JOSM Plugins for more information.
  6. Prune can act as a frontend to GPSBabel or can open various file formats itself and convert to GPX.

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