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Derde Amsterdamse MappersBabbel

28 oktober 2009, 20:00

NL Een informele 'Stammtisch'-geinspireerde bijeenkomst voor mappers die actief zijn in en rond Amsterdam. Discussie hier

EN An informal 'Stammtisch'-style meetup of mappers active in and around Amsterdam. Discuss here

Locatie / Location

Café Fonk 
Dusartstraat 51 (map)
De Pijp

FONK provides wireless internet

Deelnemers / Attendees


  • Huisnummers (hoe staan we ervoor)
  • Noord-Zuid lijn mappings (tijdelijk afgesloten wegen etc)
  • Fietsroutering Martijn van Exel
    • Ik moet vaak omfietsen volgens openrouteservice omdat straten met oneway=yes geen cycleway=opposite hebben, terwijl dit in Amsterdam voor de meeste straten wel geldt.
    • Ik word door ORS vaak over de rijbaan gestuurd waar er vrijliggende fietspaden zijn. Ik neem aan dat dat komt doordat naast de losse highway=cycleway ook de rijbanen zijn getagd met cycleway=track, wat moet hier de strategie zijn?

Tweede Amsterdamse MappersBabbel

The "2nd Amsterdam OSM Babbel" will take place on Thursday September 10th, 2009 in "De Bekeerde Suster", aan de Kloveniersburgwal 6 in Amsterdam.


Eerste Amsterdamse MappersBabbel

24 juni 2009, 20:00

Locatie / Location

Cafe-Restaurant De Ponteneur 
Eerste van Swindenstraat 581 (map)
1093 LC Amsterdam
Tel 020 6680680

NL Een informele 'Stammtisch'-geinspireerde bijeenkomst voor mappers die actief zijn in en rond Amsterdam. Discussie hier

EN An informal 'Stammtisch'-style meetup of mappers active in and around Amsterdam. Discuss here

Deelnemers / Participants

OSM End of year party

14 december 2008, 13:00

Locatie: Cafe de Vergulde Gaper

Voor meer info zie Netherlands_Mapping_Parties_2008#OSM_end-of-year_party_-_Amsterdam_-_14_december

MicroMappingMiddag - Horeca

8 maart 2008, 14:00

Locatie: cafe SKEK, Zeedijk 4-8, Amsterdam - op vijf minuten van CS.

We gaan een middag besteden aan het in kaart brengen van de horeca in het centrum. Het toeristenseizoen breekt weer aan, en het zou leuk zijn om het centrum van Amsterdam van meer relevante informatie te voorzien! Denk ook aan musea!

English summary
An afternoon of mapping 'horeca' - pubs, restaurants, hotels - in the city centre. The tourists will be pouring in again starting easter! Put your user under 'Deelnemers' below to indicate attendance. Location to be announced, will have to be centrally located.


OSM-NL Party - Mapping And More 2

Because of its nationwide character, this party is on the WikiProject Netherlands page.

OSM-NL Party 2.0 - Mapping And More

Mvexel 09:16, 18 October 2007 (BST)

October 27th and 28th, 2007

Location: FUNC, Prins Hendrikkade 20-21, Amsterdam; N 52.378566, E 4.896233 Func is less than 5 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

This party will focus not only on Mapping, but on OSM Netherlands 'post-AND' strategy as well. It will be a versatile weekend of mapping fun and thorough discussion. The topics of the meeting will be discussed in the talk-nl-list, please contribute your thoughts there.

Preliminary agenda

Derived from discussion on OSM-talk-nl started on September 25th

1. Data maintenance and QA

With the advent of the 'Post-AND' era, our focus is shifting from pure data collection to aspects like maintenance, quality assurance, keeping the data up-to-date and enhancements in niches, such as foothpaths and cycleways. Also, the AND data is known to have its flaws. Let's discuss these and look into the possibility to improve the base dataset programmatically (using scripting or programming).

2. Building on the Data

The current NL-dataset is very rich and complete. The question arises what derivate products we can publish, and whether or not it should be our job to do so. Also, we need to think about ways to make the dataset even richer, by adding useful points or areas of interest, and other useful geographic and administrative geodata. This could be done using collection efforts (mapping) or by means of aqcuiring data from public (or even private) bodies. We need to prioritize. It will be useful to have a wish list as basis for the discussion.

3. Public relations

There has been much public attention for OSM-NL since the AND revolution. Also, representatives ;) of OSM-NL are invited to speak on conferences and seminars. There might be a need to channel our public presence by means of some kind of media guidelines, may be even a PR strategy?

4. Organisational aspects

  • All of the subjects mentioned above require a certain degree of organization. There might be a need or wish to have regular meetings, may be instigate sub-groups dedicated to a specific task (like PR, Data QA, Data Acquisition, Data Collection, ...?)
  • Budget / financial planning. A dedicated Dutch dev server would be very good for instance. May be we could attract a new sponsor?

5. Mapping Current map of amsterdam

Need I elaborate? The classic core of any party! We could and should focus on the soft spots of the AND data in the area where we are convened. See the list

Thanks to Rob, we now have a render of the current state of the Amsterdam area. It is a large PNG file which can be found in this directory. Be careful not to click on the file link in your browser! Use right click -> Save As.. instead.

7. Social events

Diner together, Wii gaming night?

The programme will look something like this:


Doors open at 10:00; kick off at 10:30

Discussion (topics 1 and 2) 10:30
Lunch 13:00
Mapping 14:00
Drinks, Diner Gaming night :) 17:00


Doors open at 10:00, kick off at 10:30

Discussion (topics 3 and 4) 10:30
Lunch 13:00
Mapping 14:00
Drinks / Diner 17:00

Attendance / Deelnemers

  • Martijn - beide dagen.
  • Zoran - beide dagen.
  • Ivar - zaterdag.
  • Kleptog - misschien zondag
  • Stefan - Is er iig zaterdag (voor PR bespreken met Floris), zondag weer een vraagteken.
  • Henk - beide dage
  • Ante hopelijk beide dagen
  • floris zaterdag t/m zondag hungover, on my way...
  • PanMan Zaterdag, zondag nog onduidelijk
  • Freek Zaterdag, misschien zondag.
  • Rubke Zaterdag, misschien zondag.
  • Jeroen Zondag, waarschijnlijk vanaf ongeveer 12:00
  • Gert Gremmen (zaterdag)
  • Bas (beide dagen)
  • Annemieke Zondag
  • Lambert Zaterdag
  • JR Online (Sander + Raoul) - Zondagochtend

To Do list for preparation

Please put your name behind an action to assume responsibility

  • Meeting venue tbd: Zoran regelt Func. + beamer + lunch + wii + bier Done (Zoran)
  • Wish list for dataset enhancement (for topic 2)
  • List of known shortcomings of the AND dataset (for topic 1)
  • AND-NL: Todo En deze ook nog
  • Produce current rendering of Amsterdam data (for Mapping planning) Done (Rob)
  • Determine weak spots in the data for Amsterdam to target mapping efforts

Third party: 28 and 29 July, 2007

After the AND donation Nl:PressRelease, the mapping party may be turned into an hacking/integration party to incorporate the AND data. Mappers welcome too! Footpaths, cycleways, points of interest are open for mapping.

Location: Cafe Restaurant De Ponteneur , enkele minuten lopen van station Muiderpoort. Hoek Eerste van Swindenstraat / Pontanusstraat:

Wifi available.

(Het kan handig zijn een paar verlengsnoeren met contactdozen mee te nemen.}

Attendance / Deelnemers, please add your name below.

Things discussed

  • Maybe we have to divide the import into several smaller projects, like:
    • Importing coastline from AND (which is much better than almien)
    • Setting up a test server (Jeroen is working on it, but the Vrijschrift server does not have enough memory).
    • Importing areas like airports, golf courses which aren't related to ways.
  • There seems to be a general idea that people are attached to their own gathered data. However we can't find anyone who really is. For instance, Zoran who mapped a lot in Amsterdam is fine with replacing his data with AND data. Floris and Ante think so too. Henk on the other hand observes the OSM Assen street data is better than the AND data. So we have to find out who has which opinion. Lets put that on a separate page.
  • The basic idea is to replace the OSM street data with the AND street data, unless an area is defined as an exclusion area (like Assen). Those who request an area to be an exclusion area take responsibility to incorporate the present data into the AND data (connect and add routing tags).
  • The main advantage of the AND data is that there are turn restrictions. They really can't be added to existing OSM data automatically.
  • We have to import asap because people are now waiting with mapping.
  • Much new types of data are available in the AND data, we have to import as much as possible and define new OSM tags for them.
  • A next meeting may be on Saturday 18 August, preferably somewhere in the middle of the country like Utrecht, otherwise in Amsterdam (probably at Func.).


Kick off at 10am.

Attendance / Deelnemers


Kick off at 11am.

Attendance / Deelnemers

Second party: 9 and 10 June, 2007

Func. provides workspace, drinks and lunch. Kick off at 10:00.

Prins Hendrikkade 20-21/6
1012 TL Amsterdam
52.378566, 4.896233

If possible: bring your bike!

First party: 17 and 18 March 2007

Please put your name under the day(s) that you want to come. Also include how many hours you can store and method of uploading so the right equipment is available.

Func. provides workspace and drinks. Kick off at 10:00.

Prins Hendrikkade 20-21/6
1012 TL Amsterdam
52.378566, 4.896233

If possible: bring your bike!

Getting to Amsterdam

Seat 61: Netherlands has lots of good ways to get to Amsterdam without a plane or a car. Come by train and ferry and you can bring your bike, although hiring a bike is a good option too. Train (Eurostar and Thalys) is the most comfortable, stress-free way to get there. You can book the journey on the Eurostar website.

The Plan

Proposed division of Amsterdam for mapping party

The plan being to at least improve the current map so you can see where the kick off and rendez vous point is :)

  • I've divided the centre of the city into 12 sections. I've tried to make each section approximately equally sized (with respect the the number of roads that appear in it). However, I don't live in Amsterdam, so perhaps someone who lives there would like to check over it. I think each section should be only a few hours work. I'm hoping that we can at least complete this much in the weekend. - User:Kleptog
    • Good idea, but I think you were a bit optimistic about the size of the city ;) You've only covered the inner ring ('grachtengordel'), which is a great goal for this weekend. I think it is more efficient to cycle one whole gracht from start to end, and then do the opposite side. - User:ZoranKovacevic
    • I also think it's over-optimistic but please proof me wrong :) We'd better first finish the entire 'centrum' than to have it 70% complete at the end of the weekend. Perhaps leave some big areas like Noord and Amstelveen till the next party or least till sunday.


  • What are the chances that there will be GPS devices for loan? - User:Kleptog
    • We have GPS devices people can loan.
      • spare: [[1][garmin gecko 201: 10k points,serial,NMEA]] ... semi-broken screen but usable - User:ZoranKovacevic
  • What times for the start and finish? - User:Kleptog
    • Start at 10, finish at 18 or later? - User:ZoranKovacevic
      • Being outside after dark isn't fun. At the end there needs to be time to insert data though. 18 should be fine. - User:ZoranKovacevic
  • At the workplace (Func.) is there parking/place to put bikes/etc?
    • There's a parking garage, but that's very expensive. Come by public transport! Bikes can be parked in front of the building, which is pretty safe if you have a good lock. - User:ZoranKovacevic
  • What is the target audience? Newbies? Pros? - User:ZoranKovacevic
  • How will we promote this event? Not much time! - User:ZoranKovacevic
    • If it's been announced on -talk, I'm not sure what else we can do. - User:Kleptog


Check out this image by

Osm mappingparty 1 amsterdam.gif
Amsterdam on Garmin
Pointer on the Muntplein in Amsterdam on Garmin device
Pointer on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam on Garmin device


The following users are involved in mapping Amsterdam: Amsterdam/Amsterdam_Active_Contributors