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This page represents the Clark County, Washington component of the RLIS (Portland metropolitan area) OpenStreetMap Improvement Project.

CCGIS stands for Clark County Geographic Information System. It is comprised of data for Clark County, Washington, USA.

Note: This page is not regularly updated


CCGIS is ODbL compliant.

Attribute Conversions

These are the CCGIS to OSM conversions we used. Some changes have been made due to testing and continued discussion with the community.


CCGIS Streets

ROADS_C Field Associated DESC_ Field OSM Tag Comments
1 Public Roads highway=residential
2 Private Roads highway=residential, access=private
3 Private Roads w/o Names highway=unclassified, access=private, unnamed=yes highway=unclassified because the roads have no names
4 State Route highway=trunk
5 Driveway highway=service, service=driveway
7 Alley highway=service, service=alley
9 Interstate highway=motorway
11 Arterial See ARTERIAL types below
12 Vacated highway=unclassified, disused=yes
13 DNR - dept. natl. resources highway=track, access=forestry
14 DNR (Private Land) highway=track, access=permissive Landowner has allowed the DNR to establish roads on the land
15 Primary Arterial See ARTERIAL types below
16 SR Ramp highway=trunk_link
17 Interstate Ramp highway=motorway_link
18 Public Roads w/o Names highway=unclassified, unnamed=yes highway=unclassified because roads are unnamed


Associated ARTERIAL_D Field OSM Tag Comments
0 Unclassified highway=tertiary Unclassified arterial implies the lowest order arterial.
1 State Route highway=primary State route and arterial; therefore highway=primary
2 Principal Arterial highway=primary
3 Minor Arterial highway=secondary
4 Urban Collector highway=tertiary
5 Rural Major Collector highway=tertiary
6 Rural Minor Collector highway=tertiary
7 Scenic Highway highway=secondary Traffic flow is limited if its a scenic highway
8 Proposed - Atlas delete
9 Proposed delete