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The data layer is a tool available on the front page. You can use it to display the raw data behind the map, and discover the editing history of an individual object.

To access the data layer

  1. Go to and zoom in on the area of interest. It's best to zoom right in to the maximum zoom level to avoid loading too much data
  2. Click the layer symbol in the right sidebar to show available layers
  3. Tick the "Map Data" layer
Highlighted contours on the data layer

An area of raw map data is loaded for the visible area of the map, and raw elements of OpenStreetMap data (nodes and ways) can be selected by clicking on the map itself.

Individual objects can then either be selected via a pop-up list on the left or by clicking on the map. When an object is selected we can see...

  • A list of tags the object has. Note that some of these will influence the rendering of the map, while others are only visible through using other tools such as this data layer.
  • A 'Details' link which takes you away from the map display and into the raw object browsing display.
  • A 'Show History' link which reveals a compact editing history. A reverse-chronological list of who changed the object and when. For a more detailed history display including the changeset comments, use the 'Details' link. Similar displays are also available inside the Editors. For example you can press 'H' while editing with Potlatch.

Use cases

Technical details

See web front end for an overview of website features. The data layer is done with OpenLayers as a 'Vector' layer.