East Peak Fire 2013

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General Information

The East Peak Fire was part of the 2013 Colorado Wildfire Season. This fire started at the base of the East Spanish Peak.

No requests by partner organizations of HOT have been reported; however, on June 22, 2013 the following message was included in the Significant Events section of the InciWeb webpage for the fire: "Current base maps lack oil and gas facilities and communities of Walsenburg and Trinidad."

Information on the fire from InciWeb.org

Response Phase

An effort to coordinate OpenStreetMap editing for the Black Forest Fire 2013 was scaled up to include the most threatening, to life and property, fires burning in the State of Colorado; including the East Peak Fire.

Recovery Phase

An effort to continue cleaning up the area surrounding the East Peak Fire is still underway, but focus for remote/humanitarian mappers should be on other events.

Tagging Tips

The area South of Walsenburg was (and outside fire area, still is) a 'TIGER desert', see TIGER Fixup! for more information. All roads are marked by TIGER as residential even though there are few residents living there; some may be very long driveways and homes may be hard to detect from imagery. There are few asphalt roads in the area, but most graded roads are passable by normal vehicles and bicycles.

Look up the Highway Key for more details on roads.

A Suggested tagging scheme for Rural roads is:

County Roads: highway=unclassified
Roads with a 'predicted' residential purpose (typically have a name and/or multiple structures on/near): highway=residential
Driveways, which can be a substantial length highway=service; use access=private sparingly, some may go to public campgrounds, etc.
Everything else highway=track plus tracktype=*, and/or surface=*, and/or smoothness=*.

Buildings, as usual

Buildings: building=yes or if obvious building=house

Landuse/Natural: There is some actual forest product/management plots near the Spanish Peaks - landuse=forest

Oil and Gas facilities

These are easy to spot, as the are usually along a very wide, straight, graded track, with a large turning circle at the end. There are many sites without equipment, but it is not known whether the sites are expecting equipment or have had the equipment removed. There is no tag available yet for these. An example is shown here

As noted above, there are substantial numbers of these in area, some of them gas, some petroleum, some just storage facilities, all of them un-tagged. Assistance is needed improving the quality of the tagging on them, but right now

man_made=petroleum_well on a node.
landuse=industrial for area polygons around all facilities (even empty pads)

Tagging access roads to these facilities is suggested as:

Add a highway=turning_circle on the end of the access road as appropriate.

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