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La Fondation OpenStreetMap est une association sans but lucratif britannique qui soutient le projet OpenStreetMap. Des informations officielles sont disponibles sur le site internet de la fondation.

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La Fondation a été créée pour :

  • être le gardien des serveurs et services nécessaires à l'hébergement du projet OpenStreetMap. Specifiquement, la fondation est le gardien des serveurs localisés à UCL et le propriétaire du nom de domaine ;
  • permettre quelques protections vis-à-vis des poursuites judiciaires en matière de droit d'auteur et de responsabilité ;
  • offrir un vehicule pour collecter des fonds pour soutenir le projet.

Assemblée générale 2014 AGM et élection du conseil

Qualité de membre

N'importe qui peut rejoindre la Fondation par l'intermédiaire du site de la fondation et le paiement de £15. Un liste de discussions des membres email-list permet aux membres de communiquer les uns avec les autres (n'importe qui peut lire les discussions). Des réductions pour certains évènements organisés par la fondation OSMF tels que l'annuelState of the Map conference) sont proposés aux membres. Les membres peuvent se proposer aux élections lors de l'assemblée générale annuelle et peuvent voter pour le conseil. La participation à l'assemblée générale n'est pas requise pour voter. Depuis 2014, le vote est fait par courriel pour tous les membres. Avant 2014, le vote était fait en personne lors de l'assemblée générale, ou lors de vote par procuration. rejoindre

Vous ne devez pas nécessairement être membre pour utiliser ou contribuer à OpenStreetMap.

Groupes de travail

De nombreuses activités de la fondation sont mises en oeuvre par des groupes de travail. Les groupes de travail suivant sont actifs pour le moment :-

Groupe de travail sur la communication

  • Support and maintain the OSM Foundation website
  • Support and maintain communication tools between OSM Foundation members and board
  • Promote communication within the OSM community
  • Improve tools for supporting OSM membership subscriptions and renewals.

Groupe de travail en charge des données

Article principal : Data working group

Deals with issues relating to copyright infringement and disputes.

Groupe de travail en charge des licences

To develop a new Open Data License for the project.

Groupe de travail en charge des chapitres locaux

Article principal : Foundation/Local Chapters

To establish a framework for federated Local Chapters of the the Foundation where local or special interest groups are able to set up a formal relationship with the Foundation. Federated groups will also be able to represent themselves to other official bodies such as the Government and media organisations [1] This group is currently looking for local OSM leaders.

Groupe de travail en charge des opérations

Deals with issues related to the operation of servers and other related operational matters.

Groupe de travail en charge des membres

The Membership Working Group is charged with:

  • Administering the membership database
  • Answering routine membership queries
  • Increasing OSMF Membership

The Membership Working Group is not charged with:

  • Membership of Local Chapters
  • Corporate members

Placeholder: Membership Services Working Group.
MWG official webpage

Groupe de travail en charge de l'ingéniérie

Supports the OSM development community and serves as a technical forum for the discussion and resolution of development-related issues.

En construction

Board minutes indicate the founding of a working group for membership services, as a transition from the earlier membership secretary model. Discussion and details Membership Services Working Group



Le conseil d'administration élus lors de l'assemblée générale de 2014 est composé de :-

Minutes des conseils

Des réunions formelles sont normallement tenus mensuellement et les minutes des réunions du conseil sont publishées sur le site internet de la fondation.


  • To contact the board in normal circumstances please email the secretary using
  • The full board can be emailed using Note that this email alias is not limited to the aforementioned board members, but may also be copied to other parties (currently, Steve Coast and Michael Collinson).
  • The Officers (Kate, Paul and Frederik) can be emailed using


First Name Last Name 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Steve Coast Elected term extended Re-elected term extended term extended CE CE Not elected
Andy Robinson Elected Re-elected Re-elected
George James (aka Etienne Cherdlu) Elected Re-elected not elected
Michael Collinson Elected Re-elected Re-elected
Mikel Maron Elected Re-elected Re-elected term extended Re-elected
Richard Fairhurst Elected Elected term extended
Corey Burger Elected
Nick Black Elected Not elected
Henk Hoff Elected Re-elected term extended term extended Re-elected term extended term extended
Grant Slater Not Elected
Simone Cortesi Not elected Elected term extended
Richard Weait Not elected
Ulf Möller Elected
Peter Miller Not elected
Hurricane Coast (nee McEwen) Not elected
Emilie Laffray Elected
Iván Sánchez Ortega Elected
Oliver Kühn Elected term extended term extended Re-elected term extended
Lars Franke Not elected
Thea Aldrich (nee Clay) Not elected
Kate Chapman Not elected Not elected Not elected Elected term extended
Matt Amos Elected term extended term extended
Dermot McNally Elected term extended Re-elected term extended
Derick Rethans Not elected
Niccolo Rigacci Not elected
Eugene Usvitsky Not elected
Serge Wroclawski Not elected
Alex Barth Not elected
Frederik Ramm Elected term extended Re-elected
Simon Poole Elected term extended
Roland Olbricht not elected
Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak not elected not elected
Kai Krueger not elected
Gregory Marler not elected
Kathleen L. Danielson Elected
Paul Norman Elected
Peter Barth not elected
Randy Meech not elected
Ethan Nelson not elected

Informations financières

Official information is available on the foundation website


Income includes personal financial donations, corporate sponsorship, donations of hardware and bandwidth, foundation membership fees, conference registration fees commission. There is also income from retail affiliation schemes such as Storage Depot, Amazon. Sponsors have included MultiMap, Google, Yahoo, Cloud Made, ITO World. In reality donations from contributors will continue to be needed. The foundation may also be pursuing other Fund Raising Ideas

Income in the 11 months to Aug 30th 2008 was £17,000 and expenditure was £14,000. The main income was from sponsors of the State of the Map conference and registration fees (more)

The foundation intend to publish management accounts on a quarterly basis.

In addition to direct income to the foundation, Multimap has funded Steve Coast directly to spend some of his time working on the project (when?).Digital Pioneers provided funding for mapping parties in the Netherlands which went directly to Stichting Vrijschrift, a Dutch non-profit organisation (when?).


The membership was polled about how the Foundation's income should be spent and we received a mandate to spend 60% of income on hardware, 20% on promotion and 20% on legal matters. Currently, the Foundation's expenditure is mainly on server hardware, although some is spent on activities that promote the project (typically, travel expenses for speaking engagements). So far there have been no reasonable opportunities to spend any funds on legal issues.

Statuts de l'association

The Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for the OpenStreetMap Foundation are available from the Foundation website.

The foundation accepted a 1st revision of the OSMF Articles of Association at the 2013 AGM.

The foundation is currently discussing a 2nd revision of the OSMF Articles of Association.


This is a place for petitions and proposals from OSM contributors for consideration by the Foundation board. Proposals can be raised on this page in this section and should then be discussed and refined before being voted on (again on this page). The Foundation board is not required to act on the vote, but it may influence it's decisions and priorities.

Adhésion automatique à la Fondation OSM pour les utilisateurs établis


It has been proposed that membership of the foundation should automatically be given to 'established' OSM contributors[2]. The board have indicated that they would like to know the opinion of the community[3]. A definition of 'established' would need to be devised, however it might be something like 'Have contributed at least X manual change-sets in total, and at least Y manual change-set in each of the past M months and at least T change-sets in total'. If should be noted that the concept of 'established' users may also be useful when countering vandalism.

This proposal is still in draft form. Please feel free to adjust it or comment below.

Please indicate if you support this proposal ('I approve') or don't ('I disagree') below. I suggest all contributors should be eligible to vote, not just foundation members.


Please add (and sign) any comments and add links to related discussions on any talk lists on the subject.

Assemblées générales annuelles