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ダウンヒル、ノルディック、などを含むスキーのコースを定義するために使います。 Edit or translate this description.
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piste:type タグは既存または新規のウェイに使用できます。特に、林道のような既存のウェイをスキーコースとして示すのにとても便利です。これは(例えばアルプス地方で)林道が冬季にハイキング、そり、スキーツアー、ノルディックスキーに使える場合にとても便利です。


スキーコースのタグ付け方法全体は Piste Maps Proposal を参照してください。

スキールートリレーションのタグ付け方法は Tag:route=piste にあります。


キー 要素 コメント
piste:type downhill エリア ウェイ An alpine/downhill ski route. ways should be used for trails connecting the routes. This automatically implies oneway=yes. The direction of the way should be the downhill direction.
piste:type nordic ウェイ A nordic/cross country ski trail (also see #Style or kind of grooming). The direction of the way should be the preferred/compulsory skiing direction (see piste:oneway below). Nordic pistes are circular ways if the first and the last point are the same and cannot be rendered as areas. Currently implemented in this way by Osmarender. Nordic Icon.png
piste:type skitour エリア ウェイ A recommended ski tour way or area that is generally used by many skiers during a season for the purpose of a nordic ascent and a downhill descent in the backcountry. Generally the descent is recommended near the ascent route for safety and terrain judgement and the descent is not mapped. To map an alternate descent, use piste:type=downhill with piste:grooming=backcountry. Implies piste:grooming=backcountry. Also defined in the wikipedia Ski touring. Rendered as area if first and last point are the same. If a circular way is needed, do not close the way (first and last point is not exactly the same).
piste:type sled エリア ウェイ Use this tag exclusvely for a sledding piste or add this tag to a way or tack that is prepared for or commonly used by sleds to go downhill. Sleds are smaller vehicles that are pulled by a human or propelled only by gravity. Use piste:oneway=yes if the piste has a do not walk uphill sign. If the way is used also for ascending to the top (e.g. by foot) use piste:oneway=no. The combination with piste:lit=yes indicates sledding tracks with lighting that is only turned on in winter. Implied grooming is piste:grooming=classic for natural luge track grooming, but alternatively one can use piste:grooming=backcountry for ungroomed or badly groomed trails. Sled Icon.png
piste:type hike ウェイ A piste for nordic walking or hiking in winter (Winterwanderweg) that is usually announced by a tourism authority. A classic groomed piste (piste:grooming=classic) can be hiked with simple boots or can be used for running (default if grooming is absent). A piste:grooming=backcountry groomed piste requires snow shoes.
piste:type sleigh エリア ウェイ A piste exclusively for not self propelled sleighs. This might be horse/husky drawn sleighs (Santa Claus style). Definition: A sleigh is typically a partially enclosed vehicle with seats for passengers that is drawn by animals and slides on runners.  
piste:type ice_skate エリア ウェイ A piste exclusively for ice skating. Ice skating icon.svg
piste:type snow_park エリア a funpark with rails, quarter pipes, etc  
piste:type playground ノード エリア A ski playground is a designated location which has been developed or set up to assist children to learn to ski naturally, and which provides a variety of skiing discoveries. Skiing-playground-icon.png
man_made piste:halfpipe ウェイ エリア a halfpipe. This automatically implies oneway=yes Halfpipe.png

Frequently groomed nordic tracks are dual (ab)used as hiking tracks and sledding tracks for skitouring and hiking. Some of these uses are inofficial. Currently there is no qualified way to tag dual use pistes.