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Public-images-osm logo.svg railway = level_crossing
Aichi Prefectural Road Route 332 at Akasaka-cho, Toyokawa, Aichi (2015-10-03) 02.JPG
踏切。鉄道と道路が交差するところです。 Show/edit corresponding data item.
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グループ: 鉄道
状態:承認Page for proposal



このタグはノード ノード に付与します。ノードは道路と鉄道の両方で共有させてください。


  • crossing:activation=* - 操作方法です。
    • crossing:activation=automatic - 自動(列車が接近すれば自動で開閉する)
    • crossing:activation=local - 現地で操作(鉄道会社の係員がその場に立って踏切を操作する)
    • crossing:activation=remote - 遠隔操作(遠方の運転指令所で係員が踏切を遠隔操作する)
    • crossing:activation=user - 利用者が操作(渡る際は渡る人自らが遮断機を上げて渡る)
  • crossing:barrier=* - 遮断機の種類を示すのに使います。
    • crossing:barrier=double_half - 半幅の遮断機2つ(半分を遮断する遮断機が両側についている)
    • crossing:barrier=full - 全幅の遮断機(片側の遮断機で道幅すべてを遮断する)
    • crossing:barrier=half - 半幅の遮断機(片側に遮断機があり、左側のみ(右側通行の場合は右側のみ)を遮断する)
    • crossing:barrier=no - 遮断機なし
    • crossing:barrier=yes - 遮断機あり(より詳しい値が分からないときに使用)
  • crossing:bell=yes/no - 警報音があるかどうか
  • crossing:light=yes/no - 警報灯があるかどうか(赤ランプが点滅するなど)
  • crossing:on_demand=yes/no - 遮断機が必要時のみ開くかどうか
  • crossing:saltire=yes/no - 踏切警標(×印)があるかどうか
  • crossing=uncontrolled - 遮断機、警報灯、警報音がない。踏切警標はあるかもしれない。



An exempt crossing is one at which commercial vehicles (goods=*, hgv=*, bus=*, etc.) may proceed without stopping. This is in contrast to normal crossings, at which commercial vehicles and school buses must come to a complete stop before crossing. Exempt crossings are designated based on strict criteria that differ widely by state or province. Some jurisdictions differentiate between exempt and abandoned (disused) crossings. As of 2021, no exempt crossings are known to have been tagged as such, but see this discussion about how to tag them.

A quiet zone in the US, or whistle ban in Canada, is a series of level crossings at which trains are not required to blow their horns when crossing except to avoid collisions. This is in contrast to normal operating rules that require trains to blow their horns routinely at each crossing. Both quietzone=yes and crossing:horn=no have been tagged on some level crossings to indicate that they lie within quiet zones. See this discussion.