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Test towns

Since this schema has gained usage outside Karlsruhe, it might be good to gather some kind of a list of cities with such data and the users' experiences to find the needs to adapt to some countries conventions that were not known at the the time of the scheme conception.

Feel free to add your towns to this list when you have any more than few houses numbered, especially if you have any issues or other comments you might wish to make known; longer discussions to improve the schema should probably go on the Karlsruhe schema Talk page.


Place Users Comments
Leipzig User:Grille_Chompa
Pirna User:Hasienda since 12/2008, streets of the center parallel with single house mapping, no interpolation - all or nothing
many different numbering schemes observed and mapped:
4 - 4a - 4b - 5, 2 - 2b - 3 - 3b, 6 - 6b - 7, 22 - 1 - 3 - 5 but 21 - 20 - 19 - 18 at two sides of on way, and more ...
objectives for 2009: spread schema together with restriction relations to make lokal OSM-data fit for routing (house-to-house), introduce street relations to reduce number of tags per node/building way as well as to avoid too much occurrences of redundant data (i.e. postal_code defined at place level and for each address)
Böblingen since 01/2010 streets of the city of Böblingen with single house mapping, sometimes interpolation; work completed in 01/2011, now all streets of the city of Böblingen are tagged according to the Karlsruhe Schema


Place Users Comments
Amsterdam Floris Looijesteijn Started adding housenumbers for all streets within the A10 highway ring. We are using interpolation lines along the actual street, no relations. coverage


Place Users Comments
London Matt & Gravitystorm Tested on a small bit of Southwark.
Sutton Coldfield Blackadder Will be converting his test area of residential housing to this method.
Nottingham SK53 Suburb of Wollaton Park has been completely surveyed and is around 98% entered. Many interesting oddities: missing numbers (especially 13, or 1 and 3 at the start of roads), mixed numbers and names, numbers in peculiar orders (1,3, 1a, Name, 5a, 6a, 5), semi-detached houses (sharing one building) with the two addresses on different roads, inserted addresses (183, 183a, 185), flats and business premises in same building (115, 115a, 115b), numbering starting much higher than 1/2 (29/30). Not all of these will have been found. Usually mapped as interpolation lines except for one or two roads with larger houses. Gaps in numbering are mapped by using nodes either side of the gap (11, 15). No relations added as yet. 2009/01/27.


Almost all numbers follow the odd/even schema, with an occasional urban house having a range of even/odd numbers, e.g. 1,3,5-9,11,13,... Occassionally a house could considered to have a range of numbers and a subset of the range such as 11-13 and 13 but not 11. Rural roads quite often have numbers defined as "increment by one for every 10/20/50 meters" so lots of numbers are not in use nor visible but officially defined. In addition, this meter form can appear in double format, where there is one for major and another for a minor spur road such as 273-13 making automatic interpretation of dash as a range highly questionable.

As many apartment buildings have many staircases/entrances, with several apartments each, so when there's reasonable data to enter the entrances individually, some are using building=entrance with any of

  • addr:staircase=* (e.g. A or F)
  • ref=* (I'm thinking we'll end up converting these to addr:staircase

We couldn't enter them by having every entrance tagged with addr:housenumber=*, since many of those building have addresses on two streets; neither is a primary or alternate number... The house numbers are nodes inside the buildings but include only the house number part (and corresponding addr:street=*).

Place Users Comments
Helsinki User:Alv, User:Ij, and others All houses are getting their own numbers tagged. Few temporary interpolation lines exist/have ever existed.
Espoo See Helsinki, above.


Place Users Comments
Montreal User:Circeus Adding numbers in the Eastern part. Issues with 4+-digit house numbers


Place Users Comments
Kiev User:Sturla Adding numbers in center. Using Relations


Place Users Comments
Warszawa User:Balrog Adding addresses in some districts. Not using relations for addresses. Also, there's a perspective of obtaining official, public domain, maps of housenumbers for some districts of Warsaw (not sure about postcodes), unfortunately not in electronic form.


Place Users Comments
San Pablo City User:Ianlopez1115 Starting to add house numbers within my neighborhood, expansion to nearby areas very likely. Also, house numbers are given in a barangay-to-barangay basis (meaning that there are inconsistencies regarding house numbers in certain streets.)


Place Users Comments
Stockholm others and User:Jas4711 House numbers added in parts of town, mixed use of interpolation.


Place Users Comments
Nantes Others and User:visir Opendata projet by Nantes Métropole : http://data.nantes.fr/. 152,753 House numbers of Nantes and suburbs have been imported into OSM by semi-automatical process : each street was checked by the user using JOSM. More information (in french): http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Nantes/Adresses_postales_Nantes_M%C3%A9tropole