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bicycle sports
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Jojo4u, MrManatane
Tagging: cycling=*
Applies to:
Definition: Types of cycle sport infrastructures to be handled as tag evolution.

Draft started: 2017-02-04





This is a draft for proposal, currently under construction. Since I, as writer of this proposal, am not a native english speaker, I apologize for grammar and syntax errors that have passed through my re-readings.

Every constructive comment is welcomed.


[W] Cycle sport is a physical activity using bicycles, for competitive or recreational purpose.

The sport=cycling tag is a very general one which does not correctly reflect the variety of bicycle sports. Since the infrastructure tags ( leisure=pitch leisure=track and others TBD) relie on the sport tag to differentiate the infrastructure type, the vague sport=cycling tag leads to miscomprehension on the actual activity permitted on the tagged infrastructure.

This proposal aims at giving a comprehensive index of infrastructures purposely built for practicing cycling sport activities,

The conclusion of the discussions around this wiki page would consist of a vote on list of cycle activity deserving tag evolution. Since this list appears to be a long one, this single page will not efficiently support the votation for each proposal. follow up possibilities :

- proposal for tags that would supplement sport=cycling tag with cycling=blablabla one, sufficient and necessary to describe every cycling categories requiring infrastructure,

- proposal for infrastructure tags ( leisure, pitch, track, blabla ) evolution.


The proposition is to firstly build the most comprehensive list of cycling activities, then order them in a an arborescence.

For each "leaf" of the tree, that would represent one cycling activity, do an analysis if the leaf is consistent enough to be kept separated.

Keep in mind that the need for specific infrastructure is the factor for choosing if a case must be handled separately.

Step-by-step detailed explanations

1/ Building a categories list.

The idea is to get back to commonly known cycling associations that develop specifications/classifications to get the most comprehensive list of competitive cycling activities.

Without prejudice to other associations' work, the Union Cycliste Internationale ( ) cycling classification will be taken as first reference for this work.

Other associations may be added, if they participate in a not aforementioned cycling sport requiring special infrastructure. At first, a new association shall not be mentioned if it defines specifications with no or few impact on the already identified infrastructures.

If a cycling activity/discipline is not identified after this first information compilation, it may be added, keeping in mind that the discipline won't have a "regulational" frame, loosing the competition character.

This first reflexion is intented to limit the risk to mix official competition and "recreational-only" infrastructures. For example, nothing prohibits to practise BMX races on a self-built track, but only homologated tracks (with no regard to the homologation organisation) shall be used for official competition.

2/ Ordering the list

the objective is to define a satisfying arborescence between cycling activities. To describe supplemental recreational activities, the categories must be strictly limited to the ones needing particular infrastructures.

Answer yes to one of the following questions should incite to create a new discipline :

- is there a danger not to create a specific tag for the discipline?

For example, it may be dangerous to ride a bmx park with a moutain bike, that's the reson why the two categories are differentiated.

- does the discipline require infrastructure significatively different from another one?

For example, the dirtjump track profile differs only slightly from freestyle-bmx one, so the gain of creating a dirtjump cycling tag is questionable.

- would the tag be used permanently by a significant number of people ?

to eliminate the risk the tag is not used or the map not maintained.

3/ Describe infrastructure required for activities

The rationale is to keep close to the federation descision, cause they surely have have worked on the following

for not spec'd activities, keep tge following aspects :


- does the discipline require infrastructure significatively different from another one?- is the infrastructure used only for one cycling activity ? for another non-cycling activity?

- is the infrastructure permanent?


1/ Specific/non specific Infrastructure

this work should raise exclusions cases which will be handled separately.

As a first example, pumptrack is a recreational infrastructure used in distinct activities/disciplines : mtb, bmx, skateboard, roller. It may be considered as an infrastructure by itself. not necessarily associated to a particular cycling activity.

2/ Existing dispositions

already established bicycle sport related tag are sport=bmx and sport=mtb.

This proposal would not bring prejudice to the dispositions already existing with these tags. The current work will be a proposal for these tags evolution

Existing infrastructures are often used for cycling sport with light adaptations. For example, markings for road races, or on existing trails for mtb. For signed bicycle/mountain bike routes don't use sport=* but use route=bicycle/mtb.

4/Recreational cycling may use specific infrastructure which may be not defined by regular norms.

Step 1 : cycling sports list

The proposed values are track_cycling, mtb, pump_track, cycle_speedway, cyclo-cross. It also adds the values cycle_polo and cycle_ball to sport=* and new keys cycle_polo:type=*, bmx:type=*

As with sport=* in general, add to following tags to other features. Such features usually are leisure=stadium, leisure=track, leisure=pitch, club=sport, leisure=sports_centre and the proposed building=sports_hall.

Family-short description specific bike? common with other sports? organization

specificating infrastructure

Subcategories - should evolve into "Typical infrastructure" illustration for a typical infrastructure tag proposed (evolution in red)
ROAD yes


UCI Road race

Time Trial (Individual/Team/Relay)


[W] Track cycling. A racing sport usually held on specially built banked tracks or velodromes.-




JKA for japanese Keirin

UCI : Sprint-Endurance-Combined-keirin

JKA: keirin

Manchester Velodrome 2011.jpg

+ cycling=track_cycling


[W] Mountain_biking.


yes (hiking)/no

UCI crosscountry (XCO-XCM-XCE),


freeride, northshore, slopestyle,

downhill (DHI),



Enduro (END)

MtnBiking SedonaMag.jpg
Further refinement by mtb:type=* Tag evolution to be defined on existing page Proposed_features/mtb:type):

+ cycling=mtb
+ mtb:type=*

BMX RACING-Supercross

[W] BMX. Performed on BMX bikes

yes/no UCI RACING-Supercross


guidelines for infrastructure

BMX racing action photo.jpg
sport=bmx (already established)

+ bmx:type=racing/freestyle

BMX FREESTYLE yes/yes (scooter) UCI -Park-Vert-Flat-Street-Dirt

PART 6 bis : BMX FREESTYLE-Park-Vert-Flat-Street-Dirt Park-Flatland only described Chapter VII COMPETITION FACILITIES AND FIELD OF PLAY

BMX Park in Bartons Road - - 736672.jpg
no existing tag.

[W] Bicycle trials where the rider attempts an obstacle course without setting foot on the ground. See discussion page for 'discussion'. Street-Speed-High jump

yes/no UCI

PART 7 : TRIALS -Street-Speed-High jump

Trials court.jpg




[W] Cyclo-cross. Bicycle racing consisting of many laps of a short (2.5–3.5 km or 1.5–2 mile) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount.

yes/no UCI no subcategory
Cyclo doherty.jpg

+ cycling=cyclo-cross


Artistic-8.1.011 Competition surface

Cycle ball-

[W] Cycle Ball. Similar to association football played on bicycles.

Chapter VII TECHNICAL CONDITIONS § 3 Match field and size

UCI Cycle Ball 2on1.jpg
cycle speedway

[W] Cycle speedway. Bicycle racing on short oval dirt tracks,

yes/no International Cycle Speedway Federation usually outdoors, occasionally indoors, typically 70–90 metres long.
Cycle speedway gate.jpg

+ cycling=cycle_speedway

cycle polo

[W] Cycle polo. Similar to traditional polo, except that bicycles are used instead of horses.

yes/yes TBD
Three variants are existing: Traditional on grass, Hardcourt Bike Polo and a variant played indoors in sport halls similar to cycle ball.
Bike Polo AUT-HUN.jpg

+ cycle_polo:type=grass/hardcourt/indoor

speedbike/gravitybike yes/yes TBD on open road. competition frame?

common to various sports

no/yes none

recreational only

[W] Pump track. A circuit of banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping" - creating momentum via up and down body moments. Can be ridden with mountain or bmx bikes.
Pumptrack Gerlingen DSC 7270.jpg

+ cycling=pump_track

Dirt Jumping yes/yes
NorCal2018 060c Shells Dirt Jumps at the Beach Park, Foster City S0174019.jpg

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