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Medical Facilities


Facilities for mass vaccination against the COVID-19 disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, can be tagged as follows:

Testing and Treatment

Treatment centers are generally found within established hospitals themselves.

For standalone testing facilities the tag healthcare=sample_collection was approved.

Some mappers appear to be using healthcare:speciality=covid19, in addition to temporary=yes, for Covid-19 related facilities. This should be avoided as it

  • does not fit into the healthcare:speciality scheme naming treatment approaches and not illnesses
  • is unspecific about the character of the facility.

Lockdowns, Closures and Openings

Current status

The infrastructure for Ça Reste Ouvert was shut down on September 30,2020.[1] It is still possible for users to deploy the infrastructure for supporting individual instances.

Contribution through dedicated sites

Country/Region URL
France (Original website)
Galicia no specific URL

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Summary of main keys

Keys *:covid19
Tag Description Instances Comments
access:covid19=no Used for places that have no physical reception.
beard:covid19=no Used for hairdressers that do not cut beards.
capacity:covid19=* The maximum number of people allowed at the same time in a facility.
description:covid19=* Information on access conditions of a facility without using a specific key.
delivery:covid19=yes/only/no Used for places that offer a delivery service.
drive_through:covid19=yes/only/no Used for places that have a drive through.
note:covid19=* Mapping information for the OpenStreetMap community.
opening_hours:covid19=off/open/restricted/same/* Opening hours of a facility.
takeaway:covid19=yes/only/no Used for places that offer takeaway.
  • Yes: A mask is obligatory.
  • Given: A mask is obligatory and provided for free by the facility.
  • Sold: mandatory mask - sold if you don't have one
  • No: A mask is prohibited.
For the value no, as of May 2020, all existing uses are at a facility that somewhat notoriously prohibits face masks, Perhaps this tag could be interpreted as "optional".
  • Yes: Hand sanitizer is required at entry.
  • Optional: Hand sanitizer is available at entry, but not required to entered the facility.
  • No: Hand sanitizer is not available at entry.

Keys accessibility

If a shop or restaurant continues to offer services like drive-through, delivery or take-away, you may use following tagging:

Access and Schedule Syntax Comments
Shop / restaurant not accessible to public access:covid19=no Depending on the country, certain categories of shops may have access restrictions (for example restaurants in France) and can only offer delivery or take-out. Some other businesses can also receive customers :
  • If the business offers delivery, takeaway services and also receives customers, then don't use access:covid19=no
  • If the business only offers delivery, takeaway services without receiving anyone, then useaccess:covid19=no
Place offering its services at given opening hours opening_hours:covid19=open/same/restricted/opening hours details Warning : Use the off value only if the business is completely stopped

Keys delivery, takeaway, drive-through services

Exceptional services offered Syntax Comments
Delivery delivery:covid19=yes/only
  • When the business provides several services (eg: delivery and takeaway) use yes value
  • When the business provides only one service (eg: delivery or takeaway) use only value

  • For a regular delivery service already existing outside containment, use ratherdelivery=*
  • For a regular takeaway service already existing outside containment, use rathertakeaway=*
  • For a regular drive through service already existing outside containment, use ratherdrive_through=*)
Takeaway takeaway:covid19=yes/only
Drive Through drive_through:covid19=yes/only

Keys road network

  • Closing paths and roads

Pop-up Bike Lane: cycle track and temporary infrastructures

There is a movement in the world of pop-up bike lane creations made with temporary elements in order to help people with physical distancing against COVID-19.[3]

How to map

If the cycleway or the infrastructure is planned to last more than a month, you can tag them as usual with bicycle tags like cycleway=* or highway=cycleway. This way, the data will be usable by every software without code modification.

If the cycleway replaces a previous infrastructure (lane, busway, etc.), in order to keep the information of the previous infrastructure, the key needs to be changed with a was:*=* prefix, such as was:cycleway=lane

To precise that the cycleway or the infrastructure is temporary, you can add a notice like:
description:covid19=temporary cycleway

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