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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: AlephNull
Tagging: subject:wikidata=*
Applies to: node, way, area, relation
Definition: Disambiguation of subject=*

Draft started: 2021-11-13



Many memorials are also artworks, but the subject of the memorial and the subject of the artwork may not be the same (see examples below). Even if the artwork depicts the subject of the memorial, it may also depict additional things (see examples).

subject=* memorial:subject=* artwork:subject=* museum:subject=*

(arguably de facto)

memorial:subject:wikidata=* artwork:subject:wikidata=* museum:subject:wikidata=*

Related is the key artwork_subject=*.

TODO should museum=* be used instead of or in addition to subject tags? Seems to have better documentation.


TODO cemetary=grave uses name=* for the human readable name of the person buried, both subject:wikidata=* and buried:wikidata=* seem in use for linking the QID to that name.



subject=* and subject:wikidata=* remain general purpose tags that link to what a thing is about. For example, this is useful if a more specific Wikidata tag is unavailable (for example the entry needed for flag:wikidata=* may not exist). Values should be formatted like Wikidata titles: generally lowercase with spaces as delimiters, proper nouns in title case. This reflects current majority usage.

For artworks and memorials the namespaced version should be preferred.


Image tagging
117er Ehrenhof Ehrenmal für das „Infanterie-Leib-Regiment „Großherzogin“ (3. Großherzoglich Hessisches) Nr. 117.jpg
Ame02128 25.jpg

The tag museum=art specifies the type of museum, which we can then refine with museum:subject=*.

Flag of European Wind Energy Association.JPG

Since there is no standalone Wikidata entry for the flag we omit flag:wikidata=* and instead link to the Wikidata entry of the organization using the subject.


Subject values may be used for map labels, e.g. when no suitable name=* tag is present. Renderers may also use the subject tags in infoboxes (e.g. when clicking on a memorial or artwork), e.g. by including parts of the Wikipedia article on the subject(s) in the user’s language, if present.

Features/Pages affected

Improve the documentation of subject=* by including more examples. Extend the wiki page for subject=* with the namespaced versions. This affects historic=memorial, tourism=artwork, tourism=museum, tourism=gallery, etc.

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