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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.


Week 1
(2–8 Jan.)
English A year of OSM - video showing editing activity during 2011 edit
Week 2
(9–15 Jan.)
English OSM Inspector License Change View is a useful tool for Remapping in preparation for the upcoming license change edit
Week 3
(16–22 Jan.)
Tokyo 2012 cloudmade red.png
English Tokyo [as rendered in red by CloudMade] -- hosts for State Of The Map 2012 edit
Week 4
(23–29 Jan.)
English OpenStreetPad is a MapCSS based OpenStreetMap renderer for iPhone and the iPad. edit
Week 5
(30 Jan. – 5 Feb.)
Forbidden city 2012-01 cloudmade-fresh.png
English The Forbidden City in Beijing edit
Week 6
(6–12 Feb.)
Vatican 2012-01 mapquest.png
English Detail of Vatican City edit
Week 7
(13–19 Feb.)
Phoenix zoo 2012-01.png
English Phoenix Zoo (pictured) and others around the USA are starting to follow Berlin's example of being detailed in the OSM maps. edit
Week 8
(20–26 Feb.)
Notlm 2012 final.png
English Teams around the world took part in Night of the living maps, adding data from Aerial imagery edit
Week 9
(27 Feb. – 4 Mar.)
AIROAccessMap airports.png
English Travel-time to airports in Ireland: AIRO-ICLRD's Accessibility Map idea chooses OSM as base layer edit
Week 10
(5–11 Mar.)
Mq highways 2012 usa.png
English MapQuest Open tiles, showing their improved highway-labels edit
Week 11
(12–18 Mar.)
NewLanark 2012 03 CF.png
English Results from the New Lanark mapping party edit
Week 12
(19–25 Mar.)
Osm tag graph.png
English Clusters of tag usage in Edinburgh, shows types of contributor by the tags they use edit
Week 13
(26 Mar. – 1 Apr.)
Kartograph italy showcase.png
English Kartograph's rendering of Italy, showing just how much can be done in JavaScript. edit
Week 14
(2–8 Apr.)
Pearl qatar 2012-03.png
English The Pearl-Qatar, being Doha's answer to the Palm Islands edit
Week 15
(9–15 Apr.)
Stamen watercolour europe lowzoom 2012-03.png
English Stamen's watercolour-style maps blur the boundary between fine art and map rendering. edit
Week 16
(16–22 Apr.)
English OSM2world gives the first slippy-map where you can rotate a 3d view. edit
Week 17
(23–29 Apr.)
English 18 zoom-levels (1:250.000.000 - 1:2.000) of Lübeck City edit
Week 18
(30 Apr. – 6 May)
English On 28th of March a governor of Chelyabinsk Region, Russia was presented a city traffic management system based on OpenStreetMap. Photo © edit
Week 19
(7–13 May)
Photo mapping a rua in Brazil.jpg
English Out mapping in Brazil - hackers from São Paulo did an "Ônibus Hacker" bus trip to Ribeirão Preto to teach 12-14 year olds how to map edit
Week 20
(14–20 May)
Oxford cycle map 2012-05.png
English Oxford cycle map highlights roads with cycle tracks alongside edit
Week 21
(21–27 May)
Sotm usa map snippet.png
English Map from State Of The Map U.S. 2012's website edit
Week 22
(28 May – 3 Jun.)
Itv lewis oxford.jpg
English OpenStreetMap's technology makes it easy to create fictional maps, for example Inspector Lewis' version of Oxford (at minute 55), modified to include plot-specific details edit
Week 23
(4–10 Jun.)
English Land polygons created with OSMCoastline from coastlines in OSM. The polygons are split into overlapping smaller polygons to make them easier to handle. edit
Week 24
(11–17 Jun.)
Screenshot-FlightGear multiplayer map-1.png
English FlightGear aircraft shown over OpenStreetMap's detail of KSFO airport. edit
Week 25
(18–24 Jun.)
Osm grid italy 2012-06.png
English Density of GPS data collected by OSM [1] edit
Week 26
(25 Jun. – 1 Jul.)
Sketchy2 thailand 2012.png
English AJ Ashton's Pirate Maps show-off Mapnik's new features edit
Week 27
(2–8 Jul.)
7326451880 27be2ed69d h.jpg
English Cycle maps of the UK edit
Week 28
(9–15 Jul.)
English Administrative boundaries in England view by OpenMapSurfer edit
Week 29
(16–22 Jul.)
IMG 20120428 164740.jpg
English Maps copied onto shoes (by tracing over a projector image) [2] edit
Week 30
(23–29 Jul.)
Redaction bot.png
English Redaction bot progress map [3] at the start of the week. Yellow squares were in progress on Monday. Green squares are complete. Red squares had errors and will be re-run. edit
Week 31
(30 Jul. – 5 Aug.)
Voldesport stadium.png
English The Olympic stadium, in east London, hosting the XXX Olympics games. edit
Week 32
(6–12 Aug.)
Olympic stadium athens ccbysa2.png
English The Olympic stadium in Athens. edit
Week 33
(13–19 Aug.)
English Within three days of the Krymsk flood, Russian OSM members mapped buildings and distributed PDF atlases amongst rescue volunteers. edit
Week 34
(20–26 Aug.)
8th Birthday Cake.jpg
English OSM user Ikiya has created another delicious map cake to celebrate OSM 8th birthday in Fukushima Japan. This cake recreates the SotM 2012 logo. SotM 2012 will be held in Tokyo Japan, in just a few days! edit
Week 35
(27 Aug. – 2 Sep.)
English Some of the mappers who attended the OSM 8th Birthday party in Toronto, Canada. edit
Week 36
(3–9 Sep.)
Bikeplanner example1.png
English demonstrates combined walking and cycle-hire routing edit
Week 37
(10–16 Sep.)
SOTM12 group 3840.jpg
English Conference photo from State Of The Map 2012, Tokyo edit
Week 38
(17–23 Sep.)
English Visualization of the Planet.gpx dump with some commentary. edit
Week 39
(24–30 Sep.)
Ios osm islamabad.jpg
English Apple showing possibly OSM on their new map application on iOS 6. edit
Week 40
(1–7 Oct.)
English A screenshot of the WhoDidIt tool over London. edit
Week 41
(8–14 Oct.)
Kalsruhe hack weekend Oct 2012.JPG
English Karlsruhe Hack Weekend October 2012 edit
Week 42
(15–21 Oct.)
English The University of Cambridge's new online map was made live at in late September 2012 (and also linked from the University's home page). This prestigious, year-long project has contributed lots of data to OSM and uses OSM data for its street index and custom renderings. More... edit
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