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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.


Week 1
(31 Dec. – 6 Jan.)
English Minova and Bweremana in DRC were mapped in a few days. This and other humanitarian mapping are being coordinated using the OSM Tasking Manager. edit
Week 2
(7–13 Jan.)
Year of edits 2012 video.png
English Frame from the video "Year of edits 2012". This year's video features yellow and green effects for the redaction bot processing, and license changeover. edit
Week 3
(14–20 Jan.)
English OpenStreetMap wedding decorations! At the wedding of User:Vlish he featured this poster showing where he and his wife were born, where they met, and where they married. edit
Week 4
(21–27 Jan.)
English Taginfo shows what tags are used in the OSM database. edit
Week 5
(28 Jan. – 3 Feb.)
English French mapping company GéoBretagne use OpenStreetMap and are working with high schools to contribute data to the project. Here we see teachers and students mapping the exact coordinates of Lauzach wind turbines and their access roads. edit
Week 6
(4–10 Feb.)
Oooc screenshot.png
English The Overview of OpenStreetMap Contributors map by Pascal Neis is a great new way to discover active contributors in an area. edit
Week 7
(11–17 Feb.)
T garmin.jpg
English Life Long Learning Mapping Project : Şeyma, Kader, Neslihan,(teachers: Manfred, Miray) Simge, Özge, Our project aims to tackle the issue of gender-stereotyping. Students from Karacabey, Turkey, learning how to use a tracking device (Garmin) to improve OSM in Turkey. edit
Week 8
(18–24 Feb.)
Softcities map leggings.jpg
English OpenStreetMap leggings. A prototype on show at State Of The Map U.S. 2012 of a new product from edit
Week 9
(25 Feb. – 3 Mar.)
English A stack of prints at the Karlsruhe Hack Weekend in February 2013, where 18 mappers from all over Europe spent two days at the Geofabrik office, working together on OpenStreetMap projects. edit
Week 10
(4–10 Mar.)
Glasgow park access network.png
English Map showing distance from parks in Glasgow, using openstreetmap data and GRASS/QGIS network analysis. Dark red means further away from a park. edit
Week 11
(11–17 Mar.)
Navit on OpenPandora.JPG
English OpenStreetMap with Navit running on the OpenPandora gaming handheld. Open everything! edit
Week 12
(18–24 Mar.)
English Students from Azores Islands, Portugal, visiting Germany on a training course in JOSM and QA Editor as part of the Life Long Learning Mapping Project edit
Week 13
(25–31 Mar.)
Data tiles with 32MB of OpenStreetMap data.png
English This curious map of the world, shows the result of dividing the OpenStreetMap dataset into quarters until each of these vector tiles is less than 32MB in size. An experiment by Eric Fischer (details) edit
Week 14
(1–7 Apr.)
UCAD team Dakar.JPG
English Team from the Université Cheikh Anta Diop after a five day training course in AUF Dakar. 23 students and researchers focussed on mapping the Medina municipality of Dakar, Senegal. See the HOT blog write-up by Augustin Doury edit
Week 15
(8–14 Apr.)
English Magyarkert ("HungarianGarden") is a leisure park in Hungary, shaped like the country at a 1:1000 size ratio. It includes main rivers, lakes and shapes of hills. The park's main theme is environment protection, educational programs, sport, etc, and of course it's on OpenStreetMap. edit
Week 16
(15–21 Apr.)
English Le Monde, one of the largest French newspapers, relaunched their online paid edition with interactive French maps powered by OpenStreetMap. Read more on the MapBox blog edit
Week 17
(22–28 Apr.)
STK Rostock compare.jpg
English Supertuxkart is a free, open-source racing game. Using 3D data from OpenStreetMap we can race around real-world street layouts, such as this suburb of Rostock edit
Week 18
(29 Apr. – 5 May)
Top 50 mappers in the US 2013.png
English Data from the top 50 mappers in the US (see full map). These big contributors have been offered a special invitation to the SOTM US conference edit
Week 19
(6–12 May)
Id-May 2013.png
English "iD" is a new web-based OpenStreetMap editor which is coming out of testing into prime-time on the OpenStreetMap homepage this week. read more on the blog edit
Week 20
(13–19 May)
SOTM Argentina 2013 Group photo.jpg
English State Of The Map Argentina took place a few weeks ago.
Register now for SOTM US coming very soon, and the main State Of The Map 2013 conference in Birmingham UK in a few months.
Week 21
(20–26 May)
Canoe Mapping - La Boquilla Project.jpg
English Canoe Mapping in the mangroves. La Boquilla, Cartagena, Colombia. In a diary entry by Humberto Yances he describes his participatory mapping project involving the local community, fishermen and ecotourism associations. Follow-up workshops resulted in a map, and ongoing work on "Social Innovation for Mangrove Conservation" edit
Week 22
(27 May – 2 Jun.)
Photo of the servers Ramoth and Bowser in a rack at Imperial College London
English Two OpenStreetMap servers waiting full of expectation for new co-worker servers for improved reliability and performance! edit
Week 23
(3–9 Jun.)
Photo of six people from the Comenius Mapping Party in Romania
English Comenius Mapping Party in Romania. Persons from left to right: Dario (Portugal), Pia (Slovenia), Yaren (Turkey), Mateja (Slovenia), Hilal (Turkey), Nils (Germany). edit
Week 24
(10–16 Jun.)
Group photo State Of The Map 2013, San Francisco, June 08, 201
English Group photo of 400+(!) participants of the State Of The Map U.S. 2013, San Francisco, June 08 edit
Week 25
(17–23 Jun.)
HOT Haiti Limonade Severin Workshop.jpg
English Severin Menard is conducting a workshop on QGIS as a part of HOT's "Engaging the Youth to Map The Northern Corridor" in Limonade, Haiti edit
Week 26
(24–30 Jun.)
Nottingham Tram footpath diversion notice showing an OSM map
English UK construction firms have access to very detailed Ordnance Survey map products, but when it comes to displaying a map on a public notice, the people building the new tram in Nottingham found it easier to use OpenStreetMap. Detailed, up-to-date, and open licensed. edit
Week 27
(1–7 Jul.)
map showing the colourised node density of OpenStreetMap data
English No volcanic eruptions, no wildfires, but burning passion of OpenStreetMap volunteers – represented by a map showing the colourised node density of OpenStreetMap data. Alternative views: full world as slippy map, full world as single image (67 Mpx, 1 MiB); full world scaled down, more info how this was created. edit
Week 28
(8–14 Jul.)
Standard style scaled for low zoom.png
English A modified 'standard' view of OpenStreetMap to reveal coverage worldwide on low zoom levels. Those (0–8) have essentially been created from scaling down tiles (slightly modified and without labels) of zoom level 9 and adding the labels afterwards. This experiment by Frederik Ramm can be viewed as a zoomable map (comparison via “+” on the right); more details of the technical approach. edit
Week 29
(15–21 Jul.)
Map with an illustration of mountain range labelling
English Large curved labels on a mountain range (relation Stubaier Alpen shown here). The diagram illustrates how this cartographic effect could be achieved in an automated rendering process based on OpenStreetMap's raw geospatial data. Shown position on a slippy map, process description. edit
Week 30
(22–28 Jul.)
Photo of street signs showing complicated access restrictions to a pedestrianised area
English Overly complicated access restrictions (delivery, taxi at specific times and bicycle) to a pedestrianised area demonstrate that making a map is sometimes not simple but often funny. edit
Week 31
(29 Jul. – 4 Aug.)
slippy map screenshot of the project “Mapeamento Colaborativo - Gestão Urbana SP” (São Paulo)
English A project of Brazil's biggest city São Paulo is using OpenStreetMap! “Mapeamento Colaborativo - Gestão Urbana SP” (Collaborative Mapping - Urban Management SP) allows the residents to locate urban problems and suggest solutions. edit
Week 32
(5–11 Aug.)
Two people (and some donkeys) at the "Dal gps alla montagna" Mapping Party, an event in the mountains of Trentino, Italy.
English "Dal gps alla montagna" mapping party, an event in the mountains of Trentino, Italy. About 70 people attended, including Trentino Alpine Club who have announced that they release their hiking network data (page in Italian) under the ODbL. edit
Week 33
(12–18 Aug.)
A fruity OSM 9th birthday cake
English All around the world we celebrated the OpenStreetMap 9th Anniversary Birthday party. In Japan they kept up their run of interesting cakes, with a fruity one this year! edit
Week 34
(19–25 Aug.)
SOTM Baltics 2013 group photo
English Mappers, users and developers from Baltic States, Russia, Finland and other countries gathered at the SOTM Baltics 2013 OSM local conference in Tartu, Estonia edit
Week 35
(26 Aug. – 1 Sep.)
wooden trough fed by water from the rain gutter of a hut
English While out mapping the world OSM mappers come across some curious things. Shown here: a wooden trough fed by water from the rain gutter of a hut. Possibly it is a watering place for animals. edit
Week 36
(2–8 Sep.)
a transparent laser-etched acrylic map of OpenStreetMap buildings in central Glasgow with a green glow and a person behind
English OSM contributor Hawkeye admiring his laser-etched acrylic map (bounding box at of OpenStreetMap buildings in central Glasgow, made at the node MAKLab in The Lighthouse, Glasgow. edit
Week 37
(9–15 Sep.)
State of the Map group photo
English State Of The Map 2013, the annual OpenStreetMap conference, was held in Birmingham, England, from 6th to 8th September 2013. edit
Week 38
(16–22 Sep.)
Giant OSM based billboard
English Stamen have produced a map on a billboard using their watercolour style and OpenStreetMap data. Perhaps the largest OSM map ever edit
Week 39
(23–29 Sep.)
Battlegrid screenshot
English The TIGER Battlegrid map shows colourful grid squares (orange for urban, green for countryside) for parts of the U.S. where more TIGER fixup work is needed by comparing with the newer TIGER 2012 data. Read more on this blog post edit
Week 40
(30 Sep. – 6 Oct.)
Humanitarian style map rendering
English The new "Humanitarian" style (also available on offers a new window on OpenStreetMap data. This new style focuses on the needs of the HOT work, for example water and sanitation, road quality, fire hydrants, electricity network, street lights, or social facilities. edit
Week 41
(7–13 Oct.) iPad cover at OSMit.jpeg
English A leather iPad cover with an OpenStreetMap design on show at OSMit conference last weekend. The creators have more pictures on their site edit
Week 42
(14–20 Oct.)
SOTM scotland 2013 - Willie McMartin.jpg
English State of the Map Scotland 2013 took place last weekend in Edinburgh edit
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