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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.


Week 1
(30 Dec. – 5 Jan.)
CrisisCamp DC
English At CrisisCamp DC last month lots of people got involved in editing OpenStreetMap for Typhoon Haiyan crisis response. edit
Week 2
(6–12 Jan.)
comparison of two before and after postcode data consolidation maps of Germany
English In the last few weeks the German postal code areas were consolidated and checked: Before (left map) some postalcodes were tagged on admin boundary relations and duplicates existed. After (right map) all 8201 postalcode areas in Germany have their own postal_code relation. See the project page (in German). edit
Week 3
(13–19 Jan.)
A car dashboard with a smartphone and tablet computer
English A car dashboard kitted out with gadgets. This is just one of a wide variety of mapping techniques. Visible here (left to right): A smartphone running OsmAnd (information and map display) and a tablet computer set up with OSMtracker (POI recording). edit
Week 4
(20–26 Jan.)
A group of students surveying for OSM in Dakar, Senegal
English The OpenSteetMap community in Senegal is growingǃ A lot of activities, training and presentations are happening these days. This photo shows architecture students during a surveying training session with Walking Papers printouts and GPS devices in Dakar. edit
Week 5
(27 Jan. – 2 Feb.)
Screenshot of QGIS showing OSM data
English Viewing OpenStreetMap buildings and tram data within the open source QGIS software. edit
Week 6
(3–9 Feb.)
screenshot of a topographic slippy map with overlaid pistes
English The 2014 Olympics ski venues in the Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi) mountain cluster. This spontaneous mashup using Leaflet shows OpenSnowMap's ski pistes and lifts on OpenTopoMap as baselayer on a slippy map. edit
Week 7
(10–16 Feb.)
a breakfast/place mat showing a map
English A map of Pavia in Italy, rendered in high resolution using Maperitive, printed, laminated and used as a personal breakfast mat edit
Week 8
(17–23 Feb.)
a colourful map of Bangalore (India)
English Street network and built-up area of Bangalore (India). This colourful map was made based on OSM data using TileMill. edit
Week 9
(24 Feb. – 2 Mar.)
Managua Mapping Event
English Forty people gathered for an event in Managua, Nicaragua, working on improving the OSM data including public transportation, neighbourhoods and important POIs edit
Week 10
(3–9 Mar.)
people at a mapping event in front of a row of computer screens showing different views of the homepage
English 1st “OpenStreetMap Workshop from scratch” – a free and open event that brought together artists, cartographers, marketing companies and territorial planning/computer science students as part of the activities of the HackLabCocha in Cochabamba, Bolivia. View the full set of photos. edit
Week 11
(10–16 Mar.)
A photo of printed OSM map at a construction company hall
English A map of the “Sortavala” highway in Russia, on display at the road construction company offices. This poster has an OSM base map, and also inset details of road junctions based on the OpenStreetMap contributors data. edit
Week 12
(17–23 Mar.)
Colour Address Style "Coloured Streets"
English This new "Coloured Streets" mappaint style makes working with addresses easier within JOSM. Addresses are given the same colour as the streets they are assigned to. edit
Week 13
(24–30 Mar.)
F1 weather radar with an OSM map as basemap
English OSM used as a backdrop on the weather radar for the Formula One Grand Prix at Melbourne. (TV photo) edit
Week 14
(31 Mar. – 6 Apr.)
Brian prangle document freedom certificate-s.jpg
English OpenStreetMap has been awarded the Document Freedom Day UK Award Brian Prangle accepted the award on behalf of OSM. edit
Week 15
(7–13 Apr.)
HOT changesets west africa 2014-04-05.png
English HOT is coordinating mapping efforts for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

The map shows all changesets with #HOT in and around Guinea. The tool visualises changesets of the last seven days with a certain comment.

Week 16
(14–20 Apr.)
English State of the Map France 2014 took place a week ago in Paris with more than 250 attendees edit
Week 17
(21–27 Apr.)
SOTM US 2014 group photo.jpg
English 492 people attended State Of The Map U.S. 2014 in Washington DC. You can watch video recordings of the presentations. edit
Week 18
(28 Apr. – 4 May)
Toulouse sketchy map sample.png
English Although this map looks distinctly hand-drawn, it is a data-driven rendering created using TileMill and GIMP, and available as a slippy map covering Toulouse edit
Week 19
(5–11 May)
2014 London HOT Congo Mapathon mappers and teachers.jpg
English The London HOT Congo Mapathon event was run by HOT and MSF this weekend, to map the city of Lubumbashi using Field Papers notes gathered by local people. edit
Week 20
(12–18 May)
English Lübeck Hauptbahnhof has been modelled in 3D within the OpenStreetMap data (using the Simple 3D Buildings tags), allowing tools like OSM2World to render this image. (slippy map) edit
Week 21
(19–25 May)
Dutch building and addresses import alt2.jpg
English For the past few months the community in the Netherlands have been carrying out a manual merging BAGimport of open address and buildings data, using a special JOSM import plugin (dutch), and this site to monitor the progress uploading areas of data edit
Week 22
(26 May – 1 Jun.)
Linuxwochen Wien 2014-05-08T17-41-18.jpg
English Austrian OpenStreetMappers at Linuxwochen 2014 in Vienna, offering T-shirts, tablecloths, posters, books, cups, and notebooks! edit
Week 23
(2–8 Jun.)
ID editor at Chicago Civic User Testing.jpg
English Trying out the iD editor for the first time. Sixteen test subjects went through the process and gave their feedback as part of a "Civic User Testing Group" event in Chicago edit
Week 24
(9–15 Jun.)
Telangana India.png
English The new Indian state of Telangana which was created by an order of the Indian government, has been incorporated into the map by OpenStreetMap volunteers. Telangana was created by partitioning the state of Andhra Pradesh into two. Read more on dalek2point3's diary edit
Week 25
(16–22 Jun.)
SOTMEU 2014 montage.jpg
English With more than 200 participants State Of The Map Europe 2014 was hosted in Karlsruhe last weekend. edit
Week 26
(23–29 Jun.)
2014 Natori mapping event.jpg
English This event in Natori, Japan, was an OpenStreetMap mapping party as part of a LocalWiki initiative to describe city neighbourhoods, and promote community building in an area struck by the 2011 tsunami. Read more on the localwiki blog edit
Week 27
(30 Jun. – 6 Jul.)
OSM PopArt 2014.png
English This striking pop-art style image was created by @leopardengruen using OpenStreetMap data from Karlsruhe. It took 4th place in the SOTMEU poster competition edit
Week 28
(7–13 Jul.)
Cassini style.png
English Frédéric Rodrigo developed a stylisation of OpenStreetMap data designed to mimic the classic 18th century french maps by Cassini (shown on the left). You can browse a full map of France in this style, on a site developed for the Heraldry wikipedia project. Frédéric also won 3rd place in the SOTMEU poster competition with a poster-sized print of this map edit
Week 29
(14–20 Jul.)
English A sample area rendered in the R25 Maperitive style, which was designed by User:JBacc. It works best rendering hi resolution paper maps at approximately 1:25000 map scale, as he demonstrated with his entry coming 2nd place in the SOTMEU poster competition edit
Week 30
(21–27 Jul.)
Gorbals 3d.jpg
English 3D printed model of the Gorbals, Glasgow, location of the Commonwealth games 2014. Created using osm2world to convert from .osm to 3D and SRTM elevation data. Printed using a Ultimaker 2. edit
Week 31
(28 Jul. – 3 Aug.)
Fukushima Japan Poster.png
English This poster by the Fukushima, Japan, OpenStreetMap community was the winner of the SOTMEU poster competition,(download as PDF) edit
Week 32
(4–10 Aug.)
HOT missing maps 2014 mapping action.jpg
English Mapping for fun, and to help with humanitarian aid at the Missing Maps Party in London last week edit
Week 33
(11–17 Aug.)
10JahreOSM Passau.jpg
English Last weekend we celebrated OpenStreetMap's 10th Birthday in cities all around the world, and (as is now traditional) we had birthday cakes at many of the party locations, such as this one in Passau, Germany edit
Week 34
(18–24 Aug.)
English Cake is good. And so are map tiles. Toronto mappers made coasters from maps and ceramic tiles. The coasters safely supported the beverages consumed at the Toronto 10th OSM Birthday celebration, and then attendees were each able to take home the commemorative coasters in addition to the ones that they made. edit
Week 35
(25–31 Aug.)
HOT Malawi project 2014 Lilongwe.jpg
English Malawi government officials learning how to create maps with OpenStreetMap. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have sent a field team to Malawi to run training courses in mapping techniques and also integrating OpenStreetMap into their open GIS data portal. Read more on the HOT blog edit
Week 36
(1–7 Sep.)
Bus stop in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.jpg
English Printed street maps from OpenStreetMap seen in several bus stops around Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan edit
Week 37
(8–14 Sep.)
Kathmandu Girls Mapping Party.jpg
English About two dozen women participated in a "Girl’s Mapping Party" organised by Kathmandu Living Labs in Nepal/Kathmandu. Read more on the blog edit
Week 38
(15–21 Sep.)
Austrian Buildings Completeness Map.png
English A striking dark-background rendering of OpenStreetMap building coverage (green) and those which are missing (red) as compared to data in Austria. Blog post and slippy map edit
Week 39
(22–28 Sep.)
Crayon map style 2.png
English The OpenStreetMap Crayon Style. Browse a slippy map here. This playful use of map data is rendered with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. source and more details edit
Week 40
(29 Sep. – 5 Oct.)
English This advertisement on the side of a tram in Toronto features a large map from OpenStreetMap! Commercial use of OpenStreetMap is allowed and encouraged (when people follow the copyright instructions correctly like this) and we love to see our maps appearing in interesting places. edit
Week 41
(6–12 Oct.)
Uwe outdoor.JPG
English Uwe Engstler, a german teacher from the Comenius project "My City and my History in OSM", teaching students from Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Kingston upon Hull, UK, how to use OSMTracker for mapping historic monuments edit
Week 42
(13–19 Oct.)
2013 GutauWandertafel.jpg
English A walking map display board mounted on a rock. Holger Schöner has produced hiking and cycling maps in various forms around the area of Gutau (a small village in Upper Austria) Read more (in German) edit
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