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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.


Week 1
(29 Dec. – 4 Jan.)
Seconda assemblea nazionale ordinaria 2014 dell'associazione Wikimedia Italia @TIM4Expo Milano 04.JPG
English WikiMedia Italia produced a 7 minute long OpenStreetMap video guide, which was recently presented by Simone Cortesi at the wikimedia Italia conference edit
Week 2
(5–11 Jan.)
English On Alaska Airlines, passengers can visualize the progress of their flight on their devices via Gogo WiFi inflight internet service edit
Week 3
(12–18 Jan.)
2014 a year of edits lesotho2.gif
English Animation showing the 2014 activity taking Lesotho from a blank spot on the map (approx 50k nodes) towards a full and rich set of map data. This work was completed in a large part by locals and government planners looking to utilise OpenStreetMap data as part of their workflow edit
Week 4
(19–25 Jan.)
Staffordshire new year 2015 mapping walk.jpg
English Come rain or shine: Mappers in Staffordshire, UK, having a new years mapping meet-up, heading out in search of missing footpaths. Read more on this blog post edit
Week 5
(26 Jan. – 1 Feb.)
Italy carabinieri contacts.png
English The website of the Italian gendarmerie (Carabinieri) now features as the only map, an OpenStreetMap map with a prominent copyright link. This is the first recorded use of a military force using OSM. edit
Week 6
(2–8 Feb.)
OSM Training Quito.jpg
English German and Ecuadorian teachers of Geography, History and IT proudly present the results of a mapping training session with JOSM. These teachers will pass on this training to other colleagues, and integrate some aspects of it into the curriculum to help Ecuadorean students improve their skills further. edit
Week 7
(9–15 Feb.)
Bajrabarahi Nepal mapping training.jpg
English Local citizens from Bajrabarahi, Makwanpur, Nepal mapping their towns and villages. Kathmandu Living Labs, pioneer of OpenStreetMap in Nepal, was involved in training them. The training mostly focused on mapping agriculture and food security data edit
Week 8
(16–22 Feb.)
3D glasses map style Paris.png
English Christian Quest experimented with creating a map as an Anaglyph 3D image. Available as a slippy map and a CartoCSS stylesheet. Now all we need is a pair of those special glasses! edit
Week 9
(23 Feb. – 1 Mar.)
Berlin OSM poster.jpg
English The main station in Berlin now has detailed OpenStreetMap maps of the city. edit
Week 10
(2–8 Mar.)
MapLesotho on Lesotho TV.jpg
English OpenStreetMap Lesotho members on Lesotho National TV show talking about #MapLesotho edit
Week 11
(9–15 Mar.)
OSM Orange RomanTheatre 3DRendering.png
English Spectacular 3D-rendering of the Roman Theatre in Orange in France (map) made only from OpenStreetMap data mapped by Marcel Herault edit
Week 12
(16–22 Mar.)
2015 ICMS and Kathmandu Living Labs mapping.jpg
English Mappers in action with ICMS and Kathmandu Living Labs in Nepal edit
Week 13
(23–29 Mar.)
Tronish Tangram style.png
English The "tronish" style showing Chigaco. View the animated dynamic 3D map here. One of several striking maps created by Mapzen using their "Tangram" system edit
Week 14
(30 Mar. – 5 Apr.)
QGIS supermarkets bus stops.png
English Using QGIS to create a map of supermarkets near bus stops. Data from Overpass API, presented as icons and a heatmap, and using Transport Map as the basemap. This is from a tutorial by (italian) edit
Week 15
(6–12 Apr.)
English Sorry, there was no image this week. edit
Week 16
(13–19 Apr.)
Field Papers ccALM.jpg
English Mapping by simply taking notes on a Field Papers printout. These OpenStreetMap activities took place as part of the Almería Creative Commons Film Festival edit
Week 17
(20–26 Apr.)
English The Scottish police use our maps to display different policing regions on their website, such as this Edinburgh region edit
Week 18
(27 Apr. – 3 May)
Bern Vegan Restaurant Map.png
English Map appearing on this website about vegan restaurants in Bern, which recently won the Swiss Press Award. The map is created using the simple uMap tool, with an OSM swiss style base-map edit
Week 19
(4–10 May)
2015 04 26 Nepal Earthquake Kathmandu living lab.png
English Kathmandu Living Labs have mapped their city in detail over the past few years, which is now putting OpenStreetMap in a great position to provide maps for aid agencies responding to the Nepal earthquake. Here we see them working outdoors in case of aftershocks, as they coordinate with HOT on further mapping, and providing outputs for aid responders edit
Week 20
(11–17 May)
Santa Traga.jpg
English German and Spanish students from a Comenius project mapping in A Guarda, Spain
The school The city The project Santa Trega Some results
Week 21
(18–24 May)
Hinweisschild Container voll mit OSM-Karte in Werdohl.jpg
English A signpost designed with maps from OpenStreetMap, showing the location of recycling bins in Werdohl, Germany edit
Week 22
(25–31 May)
Tangram crosshatch style.png
English Another Mapzen 'Tangram' style, this time emulating a sketchy drawing effect. Browse the map (uses WebGL) edit
Week 23
(1–7 Jun.)
SOTM France 2015 Montage.jpg
English OpenStreetMap France held their national conference, State of the Map France 2015, this weekend edit
Week 24
(8–14 Jun.)
SOTMUS 2015 audience.jpg
English A packed auditorium for State Of The Map U.S. 2015 this weekend in New York edit
Week 25
(15–21 Jun.)
Carto School Moscow 2015-05-30.jpg
English On 30th of May Maps.Me organized a "Mapping School" event in Moscow, where people were taught to survey a city block and map it in JOSM. Before and after image edit
Week 26
(22–28 Jun.)
Osm bbz sab.jpg
English Students from four countries came together for a Comenius school project MychOSM preparing field research on historical and geographical sites. This A0 print of OpenStreetMap was made using Mapwebbing edit
Week 27
(29 Jun. – 5 Jul.)
Europe retail marimekko.png
English User:SK53 has been investigating retail POI data, looking at the stats by country, and plotting this in a variety of ways. Read more on his blog post. This "Marimekko" diagram shows different retail types (shop tags) in different European countries. edit
Week 28
(6–12 Jul.)
Bendy roads visualisation.png
English Rory McCann analysed OpenStreetMap data to create this visualisation which answers the question "Where in the world has the straightest roads? edit
Week 29
(13–19 Jul.)
English Disneyland in California is celebrating its 60th anniversary this week. Kiosks, gardens and the routes of the roller-coasters, have all been mapped in glorious detail here on OpenStreetMap edit
Week 30
(20–26 Jul.)
A wallet with the map of Bremen by OSM.jpg
English This OpenStreetMap decorated wallet, manufactured by, was spotted on sale at the airport souvenirs shop in Bremen edit
Week 31
(27 Jul. – 2 Aug.)
English Participants of the first West African State Of The Map (SOTM)! Organized at the Campus Numérique Francophone (CNF) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso last week. 20 mappers from 7 sub-region countries joined (Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Sénégal, Togo), within the context of a capacity-building mission from the Projet Espace OpenStreetMap Francophone (Projet EOF). See the SOTMBF conference program edit
Week 32
(3–9 Aug.)
Air France seatback map display.jpg
English Air France have an interactive 3D globe map view on their seatback displays, with maps from OpenStreetMap! edit
Week 33
(10–16 Aug.)
London Hack Weekend Aug 2015 Montage.jpg
English The London Hack Weekend took place last weekend, with developers coming together to work on a wide variety of technical projects, as well as celebrating the OpenStreetMap birthday! edit
Week 34
(17–23 Aug.)
Unity city images.png
English Danny Goodayle experimented with OpenStreetMap data fed into the unity engine to create these and many more interesting city images edit
Week 35
(24–30 Aug.)
Mapping Party en el parque del Retiro de Madrid.jpg
English A mapping party in Parque del Retiro in Madrid, adding details of historical monuments and botanical targets to the map edit
Week 36
(31 Aug. – 6 Sep.)
English OpenStreetMap building data in New York, New York. This was initially imported from NYC government datasets and has since been refined manually, to give more detailed shapes to many skyscrapers (ongoing). Viewed here with OSG-Maps the 3D data also looks great on, on F4 Map, and other 3D#Viewing software edit
Week 37
(7–13 Sep.)
SOTM Latam 2015 group photo.jpg
English State of the Map Latin America took place this weekend in Santiago, Chile edit
Week 38
(14–20 Sep.)
English Transport campaigning website shows traffic modelling data from Transport For London, snapped onto OpenStreetMap road network data and overlaid over Stamen's black & white toner style base-map edit
Week 39
(21–27 Sep.)
Red Cross Cape Town Getting a GPS fix.jpg
English Volunteers verifying their position. The American Red Cross recently ran a community mapping exercise in Khayelitsha, a large township in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more on this diary entry including ways you can help with the ongoing mapping work edit
Week 40
(28 Sep. – 4 Oct.)
SOTM Taiwan 2015.jpg
English State Of The Map Taiwan took place in Taipei this month. Crisis response and urgency mapping is the main topic of the conference. edit
Week 41
(5–11 Oct.)
SOTM Catolonia 2015.jpg
English SOTM Catalonia conference took place in Barcelona last week, with talks such as this one on public transport mapping edit
Week 42
(12–18 Oct.)
SOTM Scotland 2015 photo montage.jpg
English State of the Map Scotland 2015 took place over five days in Edinburgh recently edit
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