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Properties for Tags
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Driver2
Applies to: Tags
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Proposed on: 2008-08-11
RFC start: 2008-08-11
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I'm not quite sure if this is the right way to suggest this, since it is not a single tag, but rather something that would apply to tagging in general.


Properties for Tags allow you to specify additional characteristics to existing key=value combinations. This is not meant for properties that should apply to the tagged item (street etc.) itself, but only a single tag. See the examples below.


This could solve a few problems that I've run across lately. The Footway Feature (for sidewalks on streets) may need some extra information, for example specifiying the surface of the footway. This information can't be put there using a simple surface=*, since that would apply to the street, not the footway.

Many parking areas (at least in Germany) allow parking only for a specified length (e.g. 1 hour short time parking). This rule however, only applies during a certain time of the day (e.g. 8am-6pm). To express these cirumstances, you'd have to define a property for the maxstay=*-Tag, but not for the parking area itself (which could wrongly mean parking was only allowed during these times).

Also some streets may require some (probably rare) combinations of tags, for example a weight restriction, but only for people who don't live there.


Properties are seperated from the Tag by a single '.' (point).


Possible Properties

  • All properties that are applicable for the given key
  • Some special properties:
    • only: The tag is only true, if the following key=value combination applies (e.g. time=value, specified as in opening_hours=*)
    • except: The tag is not true, if the following key=value combination applies (e.g. time=value, specified as in opening_hours=*)


A residential street with a weight restriction of 2 tons, but only for people who don't live there (access=destination might not really fit here, but you could think of it as 'if access=destination applies to the user of the street'):

A tertiary highway with a 2m wide footway on both sides, but on the left one grows grass (left/right in the direction of the way):

A parking area with with a fee, but only during the given time:

A parking area that allows only short term parking, but only during the given time:

Secondary with a cycleway on both sides, while the cycleway on the left side is on the street and the cycleway on the right side is on a seperate track:

One-Way Residential Street that is closed for foreign traffic once a week (e.g. marketplace):


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