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An international cycling map created from OSM data is available, provided by Andy Allan. The map rendering is still being improved, the data are updated every few days. It shows National Cycle Network cycle routes, other regional and local routes, and other cycling-specific features, such as:
  • dedicated cycle tracks and lanes
  • contours and hill colouring
  • bicycle parking
  • bike shops, toilets, drinking fountains, even pubs!
  • proposed bike routes (or numbering protocols), contrasted with the Lonvia map, below, which does not show proposed routes, but actual routes only

CyclOSM A free cycle-oriented map with more features than OpenCycleMap. See its wiki page CyclOSM.
Waymarked Trails: Cycling by Sarah Hoffman is a layer superimposed over mapnik (Standard Map Layer) which shows marked cycle routes around the world. Updated minutely, it renders actual routes without the state=proposed tag. Therefore no proposed routes (or proposed numbering protocols) are displayed.

The Santa Clara Countywide Bicycle Plan (CBP), (June, 2008 version), has a list of bicycle routes and each route's path in Appendix C2, with maps here. This plan updated in May, 2018.

Bicycle plans

Organization Info page Bike Plan Bicycle Friendly Award
Campbell BPAC ? No
Cupertino BPAC minutes Bike Plan Bronze
Gilroy BPC Bike plan from 2002 No
Los Altos
Los Gatos
Morgan Hill
Mountain View
Palo Alto
San Jose Bicycling & Walking Bike Plan 2020 Bronze
Santa Clara
Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Bike Plan from 2006 Bronze
VTA bicycle program Bike plan from 2008 Bike plan from 2018 N/A
Caltrain BAC N/A

Nearly all jurisdictions have adopted and updated bicycle master plans in recent years. As of November 2017, 13 of the 16 Member Agencies have standalone bicycle plans. The agencies without standalone bicycle plans all address bicycle planning in the Transportation Element of their General Plan. See Table 4-A in VTA's 2018 Bike Plan.

VTA's May, 2018 Santa Clara Countywide Bicycle Plan develops "a connected network of approximately 950 miles of Cross County Bicycle Corridors (CCBCs), including ten bicycle superhighways." VTA has identified approximately 350 miles of priority CCBCs (plus the ten potential bicycle superhighway corridors, SHCs). These "candidate corridors for bicycle superhighways" include: Bay Trail, Caltrain / Evelyn/Alma Corridor (on and off street), Guadalupe River and Guadalupe Creek Trails, Stevens Creek/Pruneridge Corridor, Stevens Creek Trail/Union Pacific Railroad Trail, San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail/ Saratoga Creek Trail, Coyote Creek Trail, Branham Corridor (on-street), Blaney / Sunnyvale East Channel Corridor (on and off street) and Three Creeks Trail/Five Wounds Trail. All indicate "SHC" in the "SHC or CCBC?" column in tables below, except for Blaney / Sunnyvale East Channel Corridor and Three Creeks Trail / Five Wounds Trail. These latter two appear to be emerging in OSM: some segments are tagged as bicycle infrastructure, they are newly included in network=lcn relations.

County cycle routes

Numbered routes (lcn)

These are in a relation with network=lcn where members of underlying infrastructure are often bike lanes tagged with cycleway=lane (Class II), though they may also be cycleway=shared_lanes (Class III) or dedicated highway=cycleways (Class I).

As these primarily came from the 2008 Plan and the 2018 plan supersedes that, it is possible some or many of these routes with numbered network=lcn values are obsolete. (It is reported that lcn 11 is extant, with signs on-the-ground). Apparent correct improvements to OSM are to "integrate" newer CCBC and SHC concepts into OSM's data, perhaps or somewhat replacing the routes in this table, as well as documenting (in similar table form) the actual signed on-the-ground routes extant as of 2019 and going forward. This may be helpful: it is an interactive map which when clicked shows the route numbers. Unknown is if those route numbers represent existing routes (as expressed into the network=lcn namespace and cycle_network=US:CA:SC or are "simply route numbers for CCBCs" (which don't fit into OSM's hierarchies in a particular place, but we might find one or make one). This frustrates route harmonizations among tables below. It is acknowledged that the CCBC network "includes segments that don't currently have bikeways and segments that need improvement to provide high-quality, low-stress bicycling." That is sufficient to disqualify such a route from a local cycleway network (in this author's opinion).

However, in very early stages, these appear to be integrating. The newer numbering protocol (extant now, 2019) includes 7 Mary/Old Highway 9 Corridor 10 UPRR Trail 12 South of I-280/Williams/Moorpark/Alma Corridor 14 Blossom Hill Branham to Saratoga Corridor 16 Blossom Hill 24 Blaney/Sunnyvale East Channel Corridor 407 Monterey Highway CCBC, Llagas Trail-Little Llagas Trail to Coyote Lake 411 Coyote Creek Trail CCBC 413 Guadalupe River/Creek Trail/Los Alamitos Trail CCBC 414 Los Gatos Creek Trail CCBC and many others. It seems best to batch these up, consider many things and only upload them to OSM as they are correct and harmonize with existing data. A suggestion is to use old_ref for a while during a transition. Certain spreadsheet construction begins, not much more beyond that. In short, a slow conversion of lcn route numbers may be underway (perhaps towards the 2018 CCBC numbers), that is in its early stages now (June, 2019).

It makes sense to show tables of both. First is the 2008 plan numbering as expressed as lcn routes in OSM, circa early 2010s (to now, 2019; these routes remain in OSM as lcn numbered route relations). Second is an early prototype of Priority CCBCs (NOT exhaustive, early construction).

Route # (lcn) Route Name Description Mapped Relation Analyze Candidate bicycle
superhighway corridor (SHC) or CCBC?
01 Highway 101 Corridor San Mateo County to San Benito County 100% relation 149407 149407 CCBC except for Scott Blvd. between San Tomas Expy. and Central Expy., E Julian St., 10th/11th Streets and Monterey Hwy. between Tully Road and at least Bailey Avenue Of 65.26 miles (105.03 km), what is now in OSM goes from Northern SMC boundary to South of Gilroy. If there is actual infrastructure as part of this route south of Gilroy to the SBC boundary, it should be both tagged properly as infrastructure (highway=cycleway, cycleway=lane, cycleway=shared_lane, bicycle=yes...) and added to this relation.
02 Alma Street/Caltrain Corridor San Mateo County to Santa Clara 100% relation 1022075 1022075 SHC
03 Dumbarton - East-West Connector North Palo Alto to Los Altos Hills 100% relation 1109585 1109585
04 El Camino Real/ Grand Boulevard Corridor San Mateo County to Downtown San Jose 0% none Route is planned but no bike lanes yet. Be very careful bicycling on El Camino Real!
05A Shoreline-Miramonte Corridor Mountain View to Los Altos Hills 100% relation 1027213 1027213
05B El Monte Alignment Los Altos, Los Altos Hills 100% relation 1205004 1205004
05C San Antonio/Arastradero Alignment Los Altos, Los Altos Hills 50% relation 1205048 1205048 A large part of the middle stretch of this route is incomplete. Part of the route got cancelled in 2004.
06 Tasman/Alum Rock Light Rail corridor Mountain View to East San Jose 100% relation 1109602 1109602
06A River Oaks Spur Many gaps in the route list in document 0% none
07 Old Highway 9 Corridor North Sunnyvale to Los Gatos 90% relation 1017450 Path around De Anza Community College is incomplete (probably not built yet)
08A Homestead/Hedding/Brokaw Corridor South Los Altos to San Jose International Airport 90% relation 1015911 To do: Track Crossing (may not exist yet need to check) and opposite direction at airport.
08B Park / Penitencia Santa Clara University to Penitencia Trail 30% relation 2672908 spur relation 56558
09 Wolfe Rd / Borregas Corridor Sunnyvale to Saratoga 100% relation 1002045
10 I-280/Stevens Creek San Carlos Street Corridor 90% relation 1183076 SHC
10B I-280 Corridor - Stevens Creek Boulevard 100% relation 1185185 SHC
10C Newer Stevens Canyon Road Route 100% relation 3501676
11A Calabazas Creek/Winchester Corridor Sunnyvale to Los Gatos 95% relation 1185190
11B Newer San Jose Route C Santa Clara to Campbell 100% relation 55971 Overlapping route clean up to follow 11B
12A South of 1-280 Corridor Cupertino to Hillview, east San Jose 90% relation 2672916
12B 0% none
13 Bowers/Keily/Saratoga Corridor Northern Santa Clara to Skyline Boulevard 90% relation 56567
14 Campbell/Curtner/Tully Corridor Cupertino/Saratoga to Eastridge 100% relation 1286275
15 Valley Fair to Santa Teresa Corridor Downtown Santa Clara to San Benito County 0% none
16A Newer San Jose Route E 0% none
16B Blossom Hill Road Corridor Saratoga to southeast San Jose 0% none
17 I-880/I-680 Corridor Alameda County to Los Gatos 100% relation 3504754
18 San Martin East-West Route Uvas Road to east side 0% none
18A 0% none
18B 0% none
19 I-880 Corridor Alameda County to Downtown San Jose 100% Convert: relation 53567
20 Coyote Valley/Uvas Reservoir Corridor South County to SR 152 0% none
21 I-680 Corridor to Silver Creek Alameda County to South San Jose 100% relation 3504729
22 SR 152 Corridor Santa Cruz County line to Merced County line 0% none
23 Eastern South Valley Corridor Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy 0% none
24 Ridge Line Corridor Los Gatos to Mount Madonna 0% none

And the CCBC planning corridors (these are not, strictly speaking, routes, they are planning corridors totalling about 1000 miles). Again, this table is incomplete and early. No harmonization is taking place right now (2019-Q2), only gathering of data, namely, the identification of CCBSs as they were designated in 2018 and tabling them here. A complete list is appreciated; please complete the table, THEN perhaps we modify OSM lcn route relation data. One method is to leave the existing ref=* alone, another is to migrate it to old_ref=*. We might keep ref=* on routes which have MUTCD M1-8a numbered signs on-the-ground, or those might more properly belong in the table above, meant to depict actual signed routes.

CCBC # Route Name Description Mapped Candidate bicycle
superhighway corridor (SHC) or CCBC?
1 Highway 101? CCBC San Mateo County to San Benito County Unknown% CCBC
3 CCBC No description Unknown% CCBC
6 N Capitol Avenue CCBC No description Unknown% CCBC
6 Tasman/Alum Rock LRC/River Oaks Spur CCBC Unknown% CCBC
7 Mary/Old Highway 9 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
8 Winchester/Hedding/Berryessa/Penintencia Creek CCBC Unknown% CCBC
10 UPRR Trail CCBC Unknown% CCBC
12 S of I-280/Williams/Moorpark/Alma CCBC Unknown% CCBC
14 Blossom Hill Branham to Saratoga Corridor CCBC (Tully & Ruby East) Unknown% CCBC
16 Blossom Hill CCBC Unknown% CCBC
17 Oakland Road/Abel/Milpitas Blvd. CCBC Unknown% CCBC
19 Dixon Landing/Zanker/Monterey Road CCBC Unknown% CCBC
24 Blaney/Sunnyvale East Channel CCBC Unknown% CCBC
28 Milpitas Blvd./Lundy/Kink/Silver Creek Road CCBC Unknown% CCBC
32 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
34 Story/Ruby/Aborn CCBC (to Claton Road East) Unknown% CCBC
35 Loma Verde Avenue/Charleston/Arastradero CCBC Unknown% CCBC
36 Trade Zone/Cropley CCBC Unknown% CCBC
407 Monterey Highway CCBC, Llagas Trail-Little LLagas Trail to Coyote Lake Unknown% CCBC
407 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
409 SFB Trail CCBC Unknown% CCBC
410 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
411 Coyote Creek Trail CCBC Unknown% CCBC
413 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
413 Guadalupe River/Creek Trail/Los Alamitos Trail CCBC Unknown% CCBC
414 Los Gatos Creek Trail CCBC Unknown% CCBC
500 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
504 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
505 CCBC Unknown% CCBC
600 CCBC Unknown% CCBC

Trails (rcn and lcn)

According to the 2008 CBP, Trail routes are categorized into a hierarchy of three levels. These are:

Regional Trails (T-R#): that are of national, state, or regional recreation significance and extend beyond the borders of Santa Clara County;
Sub-Regional Trails (T-S#): that provide regional recreation and transportation benefits by providing continuity between cities and convenient, long-distance trail loop opportunities that link two or more Regional Trails; and
Connector Trails (T##): that provide convenient means of access from urban areas to the trail network of Regional and Sub-regional Trails or that connect County Parks.

So, "Regional Trails" (T-R#) get network=rcn and "Connector Trails" (T##) get network=lcn. As for "Sub-Regional Trails" (T-S#) being better-tagged with network=rcn or network=lcn, the Guadalupe River Trail (T-S3) was tagged with network=rcn and ref=GRT, due to its length, connectivity to other regional cycleways and proximity to the high-density urban core of Downtown San Jose. This led to all "Sub-Regional Trails" (T-S#) being tagged network=rcn and the following regional conventions:
• the network=rcn namespace is used with a more "regional" naming style on longer, more prominent trails such as "San Francisco Bay" Trail in a form similar to ref=SFB (three-letter acronym), and
• the network=lcn namespace is used with the Santa Clara County numbering protocol on routes of the form ref=T## (but not ref=T-R# and ref=T-S#, as these get "promoted to regional.")
Note that Cycle Map layer allows a maximum of three alphanumeric characters in a ref=* tag, so consider deleting hyphens in routes named T-S# in ref=* tags when these are lcn=*. However, as a three-character acronym from the Trail name is the style for a ref=* tag on regional routes, there is no hyphen to delete, yet we wish to not delete the local protocol route number from OSM, either. This leads to another convention:
• appropriately add tag alt_ref=T-R# or alt_ref=T-S# to "promoted to regional" network=rcn routes. For example, Santa Clara County portions of San Francisco Bay Trail are tagged network=rcn + ref=SFB, yet also contain tag alt_ref=T-R4. This allows OSM tagging to capture Santa Clara County's local protocol route number on a route tagged regional (as the local number does not display in Cycle Map layer).

Many regional trails from the 2008 CBP were in early planning stages. For example, the "de Anza Trail" (dAT) portion was only an initial component of T-R1 (a much longer project) and both Monterey-Yosemite State Trail and Benito-Clara Trail lacked sufficient geographical data to enter into OSM.

Route # (T## = lcn,
T-R#, T-S# = rcn)
Route Name Description Mapped Map link Candidate bicycle
superhighway corridor (SHC) or CCBC?
T01 Highway 237 Trail/Calaveras Boulevard Milpitas to Mountain View 40% relation 5336141 Entered as lcn T01. Currently stops westbound at Zanker Road
T02 San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, Campbell 100% relation 1023172 SHC Entered as lcn T02
T03 Highway 87 Trail City of San Jose 100% relation 53029 SHC (as Branham Corridor) Entered as lcn T03
T04 Uvas Creek Trail City of Gilroy 0% none
T-R1 Juan Bautista de Anza National Highway San Mateo to San Benito County Lines 10% relation 5335186 Entered as rcn dAT from Vasona Junction to McClellan Road
T-R2 Monterey-Yosemite State Trail TBD 0% none Route not fully planned
T-R3 Benito-Clara Trail TBD 0% none Route not fully planned
T-R4 San Francisco Bay Trail San Mateo to Alameda County Lines 50% relation 1285802 SHC Entered as rcn SFB independent from other SFB relation relation 325779 These might be merged.
T-R5 Bay Area Ridge Trail Alameda to San Benito County Lines 10% relation 5336258 Seeded near Penitencia Creek as lcn TR5 (not rcn BAR, this is in early stages and seems more local than regional)
T-S1 Matadero Creek/Page Mill Trail Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, Stanford University 10% relation 5336230 Seeded between Foothill Expressway and Deer Creek Road as rcn PMT
T-S2 Stevens Creek Trail/Union Pacific Railroad Trail Trail running along creek next to Highway 85 100% relation 952271 SHC Entered as rcn SCT. Expected to grow further southward.
T-S3 Guadalupe River/Los Alamitos Creek Trail Alviso, San Jose 80% relation 5322545 SHC Stubbed in as rcn GRT; needs work to complete both sides of creek
T-S4 Los Gatos Creek Trail San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos 100% relation 5335571 Entered as rcn LGC. Gap between Meridian and Lincoln.
T-S5 Coyote Creek Trail/Llagas Creek Trail Milpitas to Coyote Lake, South County 60% relation 3504713 SHC Entered as rcn CCT; gap south of Milpitas needs to be added
T-S6 West Valley Trail Almaden Lake Park-so. link of Bay Area Ridge Trail 0% none
T-S7 Morgan Hill Cross-Valley Trail West Valley Trail to Lake Anderson County Park 0% none
T-S8 San Martin Cross-Valley Trail West Valley Trail - Bay area Ridge Trail near Coyote Lake 0% none

Expressways (lcn)

Currently, these are entered as network=lcn though they might be promoted to network=rcn at some point in the future.

Route # (lcn) Route Name Description Mapped Map link Notes
X-G02 Lawrence Expressway Route Saratoga to Sunnyvale 95% relation 1205049 connectors to do.
X-G03 Oregon/Page Mill Expressway Route Los Altos Hills to Palo Alto 100% relation 3501967
X-G04 Montague/San Tomas Expressway Milpitas to Campbell 100% relation 3501740
X-G05 Foothill Expressway San Mateo County line, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Cupertino 90% relation 1204994 only connectors to do
X-G06 Central Expressway Route Mountain View to Santa Clara 100% relation 3501976
X-G08 Almaden Expressway Route City of San Jose 100% relation 3502001
X-G21 Capitol Expressway Route City of San Jose 100% relation 3502008

City cycle routes

All cities in Santa Clara County publish bicycle infrastructure geographic data. Accordingly, OSM strives to tag appropriately on these (California) Class I (highway=cycleway, cycleway=track), Class II (cycleway=lane) or Class III (a bicycle path or route, either cycleway=shared_lane or bicycle=yes) ways. However, as of 2018, of all cities in Santa Clara County, only the City of Sunnyvale crafts these bicycle-tagged infrastructure elements into distinct bicycle routes in the numbered local cycleway network (network=lcn), doing so with three-digit route numbers. A corollary appears to be that two-digit network=lcn values get assigned by the County of Santa Clara and that three-digit network=lcn values get assigned by incorporated cities within the County of Santa Clara.

Sunnyvale Cycle Routes (lcn)

Route # (lcn) Route Description Mapped Map link Notes
352 Murphy Square/Caltrain Station to La Conner Moffett Business Park - De Anza 100% relation 8374486
353 WPCP to Murphy Square/Caltrain Station Moffett Business Park - Ortega/De Anza 100% relation 8374485
600 South Bernardo (Mountain View) to Poinciana (Santa Clara) West City - Ponderosa 100% relation 8374484
JWC Orchard Park - North Fair Oaks - Mission College John W. Christian Greenbelt 100% relation 60198 Does anybody know if this is a City of Sunnyvale "sponsored" route, and if so (or not) does it have an actual (three-digit) route number, instead of "JWC"?

Unlabeled routes to clean up?

See also