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Alex Rollin

Local Organizing team


Proposed venue

Institut Pertanian Bogor Bogor Agricultural University on Wikipedia

The Institut Pertanian Bogor is an internationally linked Agricultural University with multiple sprawling locations dotting the landscape in and around Bogor. We can access a variety of services and facility types, including a suite of offices totaling 110m/2 located in the heart of Bogor with easy walking or public transport access to all city services including bus and train stations, accommodations and food. A proposal for cut-rate access to this facility is currently in development.

Program outline

Proposed Dates

  • Primary Date Target: Thursday February 7-8-9, 2013
    • Comments about the conflict with holidays are welcome


  • Thursday February 6th - Warm-Up Public Workshop
  • Friday February 7th Business
  • Saturday February 8th -Sunday December 9th Community Weekend (Sunday Half-day)

Pre and Post Conference Activities

  • Pre-Conference day trips around the Bogor area (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday before the conference)
    • Day trip to Camp Meruvian in Cihideung, Bogor - Meruvian Foundation's bootcamp for Java (Programming) education for youth ages 15-22. Meruvian's interns have contributed to the development of several online applications delivering OSM to the people of Indonesia. Check Bantuh Sekolah for an example.
    • Puncak Area (Mountain Tea Area)
    • Pelabuhan Ratu Beach (Paradise on Java's South Cost)
    • Bogor's Museums Local Nature Parks (Mount Salak and waterfalls)
  • Post-conference trips to cities and attractions beyond Bogor
  • Travel Note: Indonesia is a beautiful country, and getting around isn't the easiest thing for individuals who don't have some skills with Bahasa Indonesia. Reading up on the Wikivoyages site will give you some indication of the wonders and the difficulties of travel here. We hope do plan to stay for a few weeks and explore the vast archipelago and learning a few words of Bahasa Indonesia will serve you very well. We are planning these group excursions to cover some of the most well traveled destinations because of the advantages of group travel. Comments are welcome about this activity.

Bogor Venue


  • Extensive conference facilities in Bogor options give us a choice of pricing and quality options during organizing phase
    • Location identified, central city, access to all services. Negotiations beginning July 9 for discount rate.
    • Check it out the IPB Alumni Building on OSM.
      • Date change to weekend of 20/21/22 will be required (Excellent facilities).
    • Ample additional facilities available.


  • Ample affordable sleeping accommodations to be further documented at Wikivoyages:Bogor:Sleep.
    • Options include dorm style housing from 4USD/night to mid-range quality with Air Conditioning and a television at 35USD/night.


  • Affordable, tasy food options in ample supply.
  • Local eateries will be documented on Wikivoyages:Bogor:Eat.
    • Caterer identified to offer lunch for 1.50USD/portion.
    • Budget of 6USD/Day/Person will provide ample food and drinks for Morning and Afternoon Breaks + Lunch.

Local Organizing

  • The Local Routes Foundation is a fully registered not-for-profit organization, founded in Bogor, Indonesia. Alex Rollin is the Founder and Director. The Foundation is prepared to:
    • process payments for registration inside Indonesia through Bank Transfer and outside Indonesia through Paypal.
    • begin seeking out preliminary sponsors on the 15th of July.
    • cover up to $300 for the reservation of the primary conference location on or After August 1st.
    • cooperate and collaborate with additional local organizing teams, with a focus on those with legal status here in Indonesia or individuals capable of working effectively on the internet anywhere in the world.

About Bogor

Regional Center

  • The City of Bogor (Kota Bogor) is the capital city of Kaputan Bogor, a sub-district of the West Java (Jawa Barat) province.
  • As a regional center Bogor boasts a large population and access to urban facilities like hi-speed wired and wireless internet. The road system is easily navigable, and it is difficult to get lost.
  • As a satellite city of Jakarta (the Bo (Bogor) in the JadeBotabek metropolitan area) Bogor is a weekend destination for regional day trips and famous for its cooler climate, variety of food, and slow pace.

Perfect Introduction to Indonesia

  • Ease of access from Jakarta is one of the main reasons to consider Bogor. Because of this popularity with domestic travelers cheap transport is available by bus to all major cities and destinations around Bogor in DKI Jakarta, Sukabumi District, or Bandung District.
  • Bogor is an ideal introduction to Indonesia because of the mix of Javanese, Sundanese, Chinese and Betawi cultures. Visitors have an opportunity to see representations and examples of all these culture sin various museums and commercial attractions within walking distance of train and bus stations. All of this makes Bogor a popular first-stop city for travelers visiting Indonesia from all over the world. Typically travelers enter Jakarta, make directly for Bogor, and then stop through Jakarta on their travels East to Bandung, Yogyakarta, and then Bali. Come to the conference and then trek your way to Bandung and Yogyakarta and Bali afterwards.

Local Area

  • Local pubs and restaurants are ready and willing to host for evening activities and gatherings.
  • Local attractions are the perfect compliment for a short trip.
    • Further documentation about tourist attractions will be placed on Wikivoyages:Bogor:See
    • Notable: World renowned Kebun Raya, an 87 hectare botanical gardens, and the oldest in Southeast Asia.



  • Nationals of many countries are able to enter Indonesia with a Visa on Arrival, purchased for 25USD at the airport in Indonesia upon arrival.
  • For the best, most current information about Visas for Indonesia for your country you should visit the website of the Indonesian Embassy for your country. Indonesian Diplomatic Missions Abroad

Getting Into Southeast Asia

Kula Lumpur and Singapore are the busiest regional hubs offering the most flights to and from Jakarta.

  • Try for information about flights to those airports.
  • Money saving strategy - If you are traveling light, with less than 20kg total baggage, you can catch a long haul carrier from Europe or America to Kulala Lumpur, and then a regional carrier like Lion Air, Tiger, Air Asia, Malaysian Airways for your short flight to Jakarta. It is recommend to have just your backpack and a small carry on to take best advantage of this strategy.

Getting into Jakarta has the amazing ability to get you otherwise unpublished rates from regional carriers. This is not an affiliated recommendation in any way. They really have rates you can't find elsewhere.

Jakarta to Bogor

  • Bogor is easy to reach from from Jakarta's Sukarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK)
    • All routes to be further documented at Wikivoyages:Bogor:Getting There.
    • Bus direct to Bogor is @3.50USD (1-4 hours, depending on traffic)
    • Train from Jakarta is @1USD (@1-1.5 hours, depending on your station)

Getting Around in Bogor

  • Easy to get around the small city with local buses .25USD per trip (no transfers)

Getting Out of Bogor

  • Bus connections to Bandung, South Java Coast

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