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Public showers, where people can bathe under water sprays Edit or translate this description.
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Public showers, where people can bathe under water sprays. May be run as a local amenity by the government, or part of commercial provisions. May charge a fee.


Place a node (node) centrally at the location of the showers amenity and tag it amenity=shower. If possible use an area area for a shower building and add a node node building=entrance to the entrance on the outline. (This is helpful for blind navigation users).

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Showers inside places

Camping sites often have showers for customers, usually in a central services building.

Similar tags

  • amenity=public_bath - a location where the public may bathe in common. May offer more service than simple showers.
  • shower=* - mark availability of the shower on camping sites and similar places


Shower road signs


We could do with a better photo illustrating a shower, preferably a specifically public shower.