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Milano galleria piazza duomo.jpg
A named square. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Places
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Status: de facto

The place=square indicates a town or village square, which is an open public space common in urban centres, such as cities, towns or villages. They are typically crossed by streets, but can also be pedestrian areas or more rarely green areas.


Squares are known in various languages, e.g. English: square, plaza; French: place; German: Platz; Italian: piazza, largo, piazzale, campo; Spanish: plaza; Russian: площадь, Chinese (simplified): 广场.

See also wikipedia about [W] squares.

How to map

Draw the outline of the square as an area area, or just place a node node at the appropriate location, and add a place=square tag together with name=*.

Typically the outline includes all objects on the square, including streets, pedestrian areas, green areas, buildings, but excludes objects at the square, such as surrounding buildings. The square object should share nodes with confining objects (e.g. buildings and walls).

Useful combinations

  • name=* - for the name of the square
  • wikipedia=* - to link to wikipedia articles
  • wikidata=* - to set a link to a wikidata object
  • architect=* - name of architect
  • start_date=* - inauguration date / year / century /...

See also

  • highway=pedestrian + area=yes - to map the area of a paved square which is an open pedestrian area
  • area:highway=pedestrian - an area representation of a linear pedestrian street - not commonly used for squares
  • leisure=park - to map the area of a square which is an urban park
  • place=neighbourhood - for the surrounding neighborhood, which may share the same name as the square