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"private road" sign may not mean that public is unable to enter it - but about who owns and maintains it. For example in at least some parts of USA also "No Trespassing" sign would be required to forbid an entry, while "private road" is not forbidding an entry
"Posted" and "Keep Out" are also commonly used on signs in the U.S. to indicate restricted access

The access=private tag is indicating that the object is not to be used by the general public. Access is only with permission on an individual basis.

Note that access=private records that access is restricted, not whether or not the object is privately owned. Use ownership=private or operator:type=private to record this kind of status.

For example privately owned road with public access may be tagged like any other road with public access - without access=* tag, or with the explicit access=permissive.

Road usage

Common use is for objects with restricted access such as road where only some may drive. For example, adding access=private marks a driveway (tagged as highway=service + service=driveway) as restricted - for example because it is behind a gate.

Routing programs are able to detect this tag, and know to avoid these roads when routing.

See access=* for an overview of access tagging and also UK public rights of way for the legal situation in the United Kingdom.


The value indicates that access is allowed only for a closed group of users, such as employees of a company, members of an association or club, or individuals. Use private=* to clarify which group is allowed to access the facility.

Examples for the access=private tag include:

Relation to access=no

Sometimes access=no is described as stronger version of access=private. For example, a stretch of roadway may be closed with a "Road Closed" sign and barricades due to a serious damage to a road or a long-term construction project. There may be a physical reason why no one would realistically be able to traverse the road. If applicable, also map any barriers that prevent anyone from entering or traversing the road.

Long term construction projects are often mapped by retagging road to highway=construction + construction=*.

Other access tags


Some people use access=private for situations where no explicit permission is required to access, but currently there is no consensus around this one way or the other. For example delivery of post and packages.


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See also

  • access=no - The object is prohibited to be used by the general public.