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Describes ferry service on a route or stop Edit or translate this description.
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The ferry=* key provides additional description about ferry service on a ferry route or at a transport stop.

Public transport stops

With public_transport=*, this tag states whether a ferry stops at this location, using ferry=yes or ferry=no. However, amenity=ferry_terminal is much more frequently used for this feature. See also Public transport#Ferries.


With route=ferry, this tag can take the highway=* classification of the roads it connects, like a bridge.

Proposed features/ferry lists some other possible values for ferry=*, however these are not as commonly used (as of August 2015).


Values show the same types of roads, as in tag highway=*.

Key Description
ferry=trunk Analogous to highway=trunk
ferry=primary Analogous to highway=primary
ferry=secondary Analogous to highway=secondary
ferry=tertiary Analogous to highway=tertiary
ferry=unclassified Analogous to highway=unclassified
ferry=footway Analogous to highway=footway - for people on foot (and perhaps bicycles). See also foot=yes

Other values: