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allotment gardens with multiple land parcels assigned to individuals or families for gardening. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Landuse
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See allotment (gardening) on Wikipedia

Allotment gardens are characterised by a concentration in one place of a few or up to several hundreds of land parcels that are assigned to individuals or families.

In allotment gardens, the parcels are cultivated individually, contrary to community gardens where the entire area is tended collectively by a group of people. The individual size of a parcel typically suits the needs of a family, and often the plots include a shed for tools and shelter, and sometimes a hut for seasonal or weekend accommodation. The individual gardeners are organised in an allotment association which leases the land from the owner who may be a public, private or ecclesiastical entity, provided that it is only used for gardening (i.e. growing vegetables, fruits and flowers), but not for permanent residential purposes.


Tagging scheme for landuse=allotments
Tag Description
name=* Name of site.
plots=* The total number of individual plots.
operator=* Name of operator responsible for the long term maintenance of the site. In the United Kingdom this is often the local council (unless privately run).
user=* Name of user group (association). Often also responsible for leasing out the individual plots and acting as a point of contact between members and the Operator.
Sub-tags for landuse=allotments
Tag Description Status Taginfo
allotments=plot An individual demarcated area within an allotment site Approved
boundary=lot An individual demarcated area within an allotment site In use
ref=number_of_plot Denotes a number of an individual plot - mainly used with allotments=plot In use
lot=number_of_plot Denotes a number of an individual plot - mainly used with boundary=lot In use


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Note that this tag is for the entire site, rather than individual plots. Use allotments=plot and/or boundary=lot for an individual plot and ref=number_of_plot or lot=number_of_plot for the number of the plot.


  • Norwegian: kolonihage
  • Swedish: koloniträdgård
  • Danish: Kolonihave
  • Español: huertos de ocio (also huertos urbanos)
  • Finnish: Yhteisöpuutarha
  • Italian: Orti urbani
  • Japanese: 市民農園
  • Polish: Ogródki działkowe
  • Portuguese: Hortas
  • Czech: Zahrádkářská kolonie, zahrádkářská osada
  • Nederlands: Volkstuinen