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Public-images-osm logo.svg office = therapist
An office of a therapist. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: offices
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An office at which you can take any kind of health related therapy, like physiotherapy, therapy against neurologic diseases, or osteopathy. This tag is for offices of therapists, for larger therapy facilities, you can use health_facility:type=therapy. Healthcare 2.0 specifies the type of facility with health_facility:type=*, which can not be done with healthcare=*. The specialty is then added with health_specialty:*=*.

office=*, office=therapist in this kind, is used as an easy way to specify the type of person, working in the office, assuming that it is only one type of health-related person, which works there and not e.g. a physician, which is also a therapist, which can be added with relations.

If you use Healthcare 2.0 you should add the following tags to your object

See Physiotherapist's office example

Note that you can add more the one specialty, with easy possibility to select via specialty, with Healthcare 2.0-Tagging

And other standard combo tags of course:

If you want to use healthcare=* instead, you can use

as a single-key solution with unclear type of facility (e.g. its size).

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