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Sydney Water is a state-owned corporation that provide services and infrastructure for potable water provision, wastewater and drainage (stormwater) management in the greater Sydney region including the Blue Mountains and Illawarra in New South Wales, Australia. It is not to be confused with WaterNSW, which provides the raw bulk water supply to Sydney Water and jointly operate certain assets.

Asset identification

Most assets are easily identifyable even if they are located on private property thanks to good signage installed on most assets by Sydney Water since 2017 or so.

Sydney Water asset codes
Facility Code Utility Description N/W/A Tagging example OSM Example Image
WF Water Water flow meters node osm:node/7903638063
Flow meter manhole in Wentworth Falls NSW
WG Water Miscellaneous water gauging site node osm:node/7947489972
Water gauge site near Leura Jamieson Reservoir
WK Water IICATS monitored water valve node osm:node/7872231508
An IICATS remotely operated water valve cabinet in Katoomba
WS Water Water storage facility, reservoir or surge tank; generally a covered reservoir or elevated water tower. area osm:way/854921268
Bullaburra reservoir
WP Water Pumping station for potable water. Sometimes coded "WPS" especially for assets managed by WaterNSW.

Sometimes it is a cabinet but it can also be a building or industrial area.

nodearea osm:node/8148003910



Water Pumping Station servicing Blackheath Reservoir enclosed in a cabinet in Blackheath, NSW
WT Water Water treatment plant or filtration plant. Either tag the campus or alternatively just the building if there are multiple separate facilities on the Sydney Water lot. area osm:way/53842171
WX Water Water chemical dosing, eg. chlorination and fluoridation. Typically a building. area osm:way/846644097
A water chlorination plant servicing Wentworth Falls Reservoir
SP Sewerage Pumping station for wastewater (sewerage). Sometimes coded "SPS". Usually a white or brown/green cabinet.

SP sites usually have floodlighting, manholes and ventilation masts. Sometimes a street signpost will identify the site if it is at the end of a driveway. If the pumping station is located inside a building, consider putting the tags on a building=service.

nodearea man_made=pumping_station

operator=Sydney Water



Sewerage pumping station cabinet in Blackheath NSW
SF Sewerage Sewerage flow meters node
SG Sewerage Miscellaneous sewerage gauging site node
SX Sewerage Sewerage wastewater chemical dosing, eg. magnesium hydroxide, ferrous chloride or calcium nitrate for management of H2S emissions. Typically tagged on a building=service. area osm:way/508137702
Chemical dosing unit in Mount Victoria
SY Sewerage Odour Control Unit. Typically a small cylindrical building painted green. Typically tagged on a building=service. area osm:way/908025217
Odour control unit in Mount Victoria


  • For consistency, asset numbers should be given 4 digits including leading zeros, and no spaces.
  • IICATS (Integrated Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Telemetry System) refers to remote monitoring system similar to SCADA.

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