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A shop which sells fruits and vegetables Edit or translate this description.
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A  greengrocer is a shop which sells fruits and vegetables.


  • Greece: it's a common type of shop selling vegetables and fruits and it's called Μανάβικο manaviko
  • Sweden: it's called grönsakshandel, Frukt och grönt eller grönsaksaffär.
  • Hungary: Zöldség-gyümölcs kereskedés (for vegetables and fruits)
  • Italy: it's called Fruttivendolo and sells vegetables and fruits

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=greengrocer.

Add name using name=* or use noname=yes to mark that shop has no name.

Tags used in combination

Similar tags

There's quite a lot of a very similar shop types. The distinction will often be a matter of judgement:

  • shop=convenience - Very similar small shop. Distinction may be tricky. Wider range of products, whereas a greengrocers would be focused on fruit and vegetables.
  • shop=supermarket - shops which sell a whole range of products, but which are large. Suggested distinction: Large enough to have push trolleys. Please note that many small shops will call themselves supermarkets in their name. Please choose based on the size of the shop, not its name.
  • shop=farm - A seasonal outlet for goods produced on a given farm.
  • shop=general - a very similar type of shop, but typically with an even wider range of products including tools, building supplies. It sells everything because it is the only shop for miles around.
  • shop=newsagent - a small shop primarily selling newspapers and magazines
  • shop=kiosk - a very little shop (a kiosk) selling cigarettes, newspapers, sweets, snacks, and convenience items


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