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Hiking: What And How To Tag


This is (an ongoing) list of things which are useful to know when hiking (from my experience):

  • Is the trail marked or not?
    • If it is marked, what kind of mark is used? Examples: in Slovenia, the most common mark used is Blaze of Knafelc. Sometimes a number is added, indicating that the path is the part of one of Slovenian Mountain Paths.
  • The physical properties of the trail:
    • Is it a paved road, a forest (unpaved) track, a cart track, a narrow footpath or something else?
    • Width: this is not really necessary and could be implied from the type of the trail, but if someone wants to tag it, he's free to do so :)
  • Tagging trails of special beauty


The "official" OSM feature list does not really cover the hiking very well. Using highway=footway is too loosely defined and doesn't really tell you what kind of path you are going to walk on. We should strive to use as much of "officially" approved tags as possible, but in cases when these are not enough, we should come up with new ones. There are several discussions on OSM regarding hiking-related tagging, but I don't see any tangible results from those discussions.

Also there is an issue of how to mark cycling trails. Since I'm no cycling expert, I leave this to somebody else.

Initial Thoughts

  • We should not create separate OSM ways for hiking trails (separate from physical ways), because we need info about physical properties of the trails.
  • Tagging trails marks should be done in such a way as to enable tagging a trail with more than one type of mark.


My ambition is to cover and tag hiking/cycling trails in the best quality possible. This would then enable:

  • Rendering of specialized "outdoor-activities" maps (in the next weeks/months I will try to generate such a map for Pohorje)
  • Development of software which would be able to offer the user various routes he could visit (based on user's choice of route length, difficulty etc). These routes could then be uploaded to GPS units.
  • Any other ideas?

--Breki 21:33, 3 November 2007 (UTC)

  • Mapping Trails might be interesting for other countries, too. --Gerchla 10:46, 15 December 2007 (UTC)
  • Too bad I wasn't aware of that page before, because it seams I'm re-creating the wheel by working on many similar pages while this one was already a good step forward ! Maybe this should have been turned into a proposal (and not too slovenia centric) instead of "just another wiki page" and it would have had a better attention by people like me !
So here is what I am/was working on so we could merge efforts (I'm quite thinking that some allready know about it, so sorry for those) :

known :

  • ski [WikiProject_Piste_Maps] already a monster work done in a "not so" osm approval process, but such a good work

What's left in mountains ? so many things ! climbing, "climbing secured" (via-ferrata in french/italian), more details on alpine_hut, finishing proposal. Sletuffe 22:11, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

Feel free to use anything from this page, I haven't updated it for quite a while - I have too much stuff I'm working on :). --Breki 19:49, 5 November 2008 (UTC)