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Slovenija (glavna) Elektrika
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Blaze of Knafelc (Knafelčeva markacija)


Currently the "official" OSM feature list does not offer a satisfactory level of coverage for hiking and bicycle trails in the hills and mountains. There are several discussions and proposals on how to improve this, but there is still no agreement. Since hiking (and cycling) trail project have already started for Slovenia (see the map of Mariborsko Pohorje), this page contains suggestions and proposals on how to map trails in Slovenia has been created. The page also includes discussion on other related (ski trails and infrastructure, natural features etc).

Mapping Features

The following list contains features which are interesting in the context of mapping hiking and bicycle trails and related stuff. Since many of these features have not (yet) been identified and standardized by the global OSM community, the idea is to maintain a local Slovenian catalog of mapping features to make the mapping standardized at least for Slovenia.

There is of course a problem with rendering features with non-standard tags using the Mapnik and Osmarender. The solution to this would be to create a local mapping server with a customized rendering.

The feature list is by no means complete, so feel free to contribute.

Trails and Roads

feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment
unmarked alpine path

(nemarkirana steza)

way highway=path, sac_scale=*
marked alpine path

(markirana steza)

way highway=path, sac_scale=*, trailblazed=yes, trail_visibility=*,osmc:symbol=* Knafelc blaze: osmc:symbol=red:white:red_circle,

blaze for near to country border is osmc:symbol=red:green_circle:red_circle

climbing path, secured

(zavarovana plezalna pot)

way highway=path, sac_scale=*, assisted_trail=yes next to it can be safety_rope=*
climbing path, unsecured

(nezavarovana plezalna pot)

way climbing=*?
via ferrata

(športno-plezalna zavarovana pot)

way highway=via_ferrata Vodnik po slovenskih feratah
Slovenian Mountain Trail

(slovenska planinska pot)

relation Use relation with ID 6443086. It is marked with tags: See the example of how the Slovenska planinska pot is tagged from Maribor to Ankaran.

You can load this relation in JOSM by loading road between Mašin žaga and Pesek.

see also: relation 6443086

European long-distance path

(evropska pešpot)

way see European long-distance paths
footpaths PP 1 - 7

(pohodne poti PP 1 - 7)

carriage road


way highway=track?
forest (gravel) road

(gozdna cesta)

way highway=track

Also see

Water Features

feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment


area natural=water, water=lake, name = name of the lake


way area waterway=river (drawn as a way) and waterway=riverbank (for wide rivers, drawn as area)

name = name of the river



way waterway=stream, if does not have a permanent flow also: intermittent=yes

name = name of the stream (if it has a name)

water point


node waterway=water_point


node way waterway=waterfall, natural=cliff, height=*, width=*


node natural=spring
water reservoir

(vodno zajetje)

area landuse=reservoir

(kal, ribnik)

area water=pond
marsh, swamp


area natural=marsh

Also see

Natural Features

feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment


node natural=peak

name = name of the peak ele = peak elevation (in meters)

there may be also man_made=survey_point


way natural=arete (ex: relation 578554875)


wayarea natural=cliff there may be also climbing=*
scree, loose rock


area natural=scree


nodearea natural=cave_entrance
alpine pasture


area natural=fell


area natural=wood and landuse=forest See Forest, landcover=trees
dwarf pine


area natural=scrub
natural feature of interest

(naravna znamenitost)

node ?


area landuse=quarry

Nature Reserve

feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment
national park boundary, outer

(meja narodnega parka, zunanja)

leisure = nature_reserve

boundary = national_park

national park boundary, inner

(meja narodnega parka, notranja)

leisure = nature_reserve

boundary = national_park

nature reserve boundary

(meja zaščitenega območja)

leisure = nature_reserve

boundary = national_park


feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment
ski piste

(smučarska steza)

way piste:type=downhill / nordic / sled..., sport=skiing, piste:difficulty=*
ski area


area piste:type=downhill, area=yes, sport=skiing
ski route (cross-country)

(smučarska tekaška pot)

relation route=piste
cable car

(gondolska žičnica)

way aerialway=cable_car
chair lift


way aerialway=chair_lift
drag lift


way aerialway=drag_lift
material cableway, goodslift

(tovorna žičnica)

way ?
Ski Jump

(smučarska skakalnica/letalnica)

way area man_made=ski_jump, piste:type=ski_jump / piste:type=ski_jump_landing, sport=ski_jumping Purposely built, permanent ski jumps (Planica, Domžale, Mostec ...)

Also see


feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment
mountain (alpine) hut

(planinska koča)

node tourism=alpine_hut

name = name of the hut

ele = elevation of the hut (in meters)

Currently there isn't a separate feature for alpine huts. In Slovenia, the nearest term would probably be tourism = guest_house, but I find it unsatisfactory, maybe we should propose a new tourism = alpine_hut feature? --Breki 20:02, 16 September 2007 (BST).
camp site


node, area tourism = camp_site

or tourism = caravan_site

hunting lodge

(lovska koča)

node tourism = hunting_lodge tourism = hunting_lodge is not official or even proposed, but I think it should be OK to use. We can add a proposal. --Breki 16:54, 3 November 2007 (UTC)
tourist farm

(turistična kmetija)

node tourism=guest_house, guest_house=agritourism
hotel node ?

(gostilna, gostišče)

node ?
inn with lodging

(gostilna s prenočišči)

node ?
wine cellar

(vinska klet)

node ?


node ?
wine road

(vinska cesta)

way ?


feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment
wayside shrine


node area historic=wayside_shrine, religion=christian, denomination=roman_catholic
wayside cross

(znamenje, križ)

node historic=wayside_cross, religion=christian, denomination=roman_catholic
(large) cross

(velik križ)

node man_made=cross, religion=christian, denomination=roman_catholic


node area building=church, amenity=place_of_worship


node area building=chapel, amenity=place_of_worship


node area landuse=cemetery
grave yard

(staro/majhno/opuščeno pokopališče)

node area amenity=grave_yard


node area historic = monument


node area historic = castle


node area historic=ruins

description=WWI disused:military=trench historic=yes military=trench


feature (eng./slo.) element tags to use comment
observation tower

(razgledni stolp)

node tourism = observation_tower see [1]

tourism = observation_tower is not an "approved" nor proposed map feature, but I think it is useful to have it. --Breki 21:08, 22 September 2007 (BST)

hunting stand

(lovska preža, dvignjena kot je običajno v Sloveniji)

node amenity=hunting_stand, hunting_stand=raised_hide, enclosed with a roof: hide=yes, shelter=yes
car park


node area amenity=parking
cattle grid


node highway=cattle_grid
military range

(vojaško strelišče)

area military=range
military area

(vojaško območje)

area military=danger_area


node area place=village

name = the name of the village



node area place=hamlet

name = the name of the hamlet

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