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Office (Oficines)

Clu Valor Element Comentaris Renderització Foto
office accountant Node Area Comptabilitat, auditoria, gestoria.
office adoption_agency Node Area A place where prospective parent/s may adopt a child or children.
office advertising_agency Node Area An advertising agency or ad agency or advert agency is a service based business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising (and sometimes other forms of promotion) for its clients.
office architect Node Area Estudi d'arquitectura.
office association Node Area An office of a non-profit organisation, society, e.g. student, sport, consumer, automobile, bike association, etc…
office charity Node Area An office of a charitable organization.
office company Node Area Oficines d'una companyia.
office coworking Node Area Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity.
office educational_institution Node Area An office for an educational institution.
office employment_agency Node Area Oficina d'ocupació.
office energy_supplier Node Area An office for a energy supplier.
office estate_agent Node Area Immobiliària.
office forestry Node Area A forestry office.
office foundation Node Area An office for a foundation.
office government Node Area Oficina governamental.
office guide Node Area An office for tour guides, mountain guides, dive guides, etc.
office insurance Node Area Corredoria d'assegurances.
office it Node Area Oficina de Tecnologia de la Informació (analistes, telecomunicacions, informàtics).
office lawyer Node Area Despatx d'advocats.
office logistics Node Area An office for a forwarder / hauler.
office moving_company Node Area An office for a moving service / relocation company.
office newspaper Node Area Redacció d'un diari.
office ngo Node Area ONG, organització no governamental.
office notary Node Area See office=lawyer above.
office political_party Node Area An office for a political party.
office private_investigator Node Area An office for a private investigator.
office property_management Node Area Office of a company, which manages a real estate property.
office quango Node Area Organització gairebé no governamental. (!)
office realtor
Node Area Use office=estate_agent instead.
office religion Node Area An office of an religion instance. For example: parish office. Use additionally religion=* and denomination=*.
office research Node Area Investigació i desenvolupament. I+D.
office surveyor Node Area An office of a person doing surveys, this can be land survey, risk and damage evaluations of properties and equipment, opinion surveys or statistics.
office tax Node Area Fiscal authorities, tax and revenue office. Use office=government + government=tax instead.
office tax_advisor Node Area Specialist preparing tax declarations for companies and individuals.
office telecommunication Node Area Companyia de telecomunicacions.
office travel_agent Node Area Agència de viatges.
office therapist Node Area An office at which you can take a physical therapy.
office water_utility Node Area An office for a water utility company or water board.
office yes Node Area Generic tag for unspecified office type.
office Definit per l'usuari Node Area Visiteu la pàgina de Taginfo per a altres valors d'ús comú.

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