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Page is a sandbox for the Philippines' contribution for the How do you map in series.

Mapping in the Philippines

Hi, I'm Ian Lopez. I'm a college student residing in the northern part of the Philippines. Since June 10, 2008, I've been able to sharpen my mapping skills and use it to help a lot of people - from travelers to delivery personnel.

In my first year in OpenStreetMap, my home city and the province of Laguna was sparsely mapped in OpenStreetMap while other places in the country (specifically Manila, Davao, their suburbs and Naga City) had more detail. Since then, other contributors joined in and as of 2011, we have one of the most detailed and the most accurate maps for some parts of the country.

Mapping Parties

I was a participant of the first mapping party in the Philippines. Since then, I was able to participate in five other mapping parties in the Philippines.



In the two areas where I've gathered the most amount of data (San Pablo and Los Baños), usage is between low and non-existent. However, some Garmin users in that area are aware of the existence of the OSMPH Garmin Map. At least one not-for-profit organization in Los Baños uses OpenStreetMap for logistics purposes.

Other maps

So far, the most popular online map platform in the Philippines is Google Maps, followed by WikiMapia. < !--- (Note: a comparison of online map platforms can be found [here]) --->


In the near future [2014 to 2021], I expect that

  • At least one national media outlet will use OpenStreetMap in their online and offline platforms
  • At least 30% of Garmin users in the country will consider the OSMPH Garmin Maps as their map of choice
  • At least 10% of government agencies, bureaus and departments will use OpenStreetMap in one form or another
  • There will be at least one mapping party per year in places with high population density (Mega Manila, Metro Cebu, Metro Davao)
  • The State Of The Map will be held in an Asian country
  • Another data import (source=data from a government database) will happen