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This page deals with tagging housenumbers in the Philippine context. A similar page can be found here.


There are various ways on how to tag housenumbers using the widely used Karlsruhe Schema. One way to tag housenumbers is to associate house/s and street/s using a relation. Another is to add address tags on the object (node/way) itself.


Using associatedStreet method

Key Value Notes
type associatedStreet
name name of street adding name in the relation is optional but recommend


Way or Node Role Recurrence? Discussion
Way street one The associated street
Node or Way house one or more One or more house numbers

Using the normal method

Key Value Notes
addr:city name of city/town
addr:housenumber the housenumber (may contain non-digits)
addr:street name of street connected to the housenumber
addr:postcode ZIP Code/postal code connected to the housenumber


For "associated" nodes

Type Role Tags to use Example
associatedStreet street highway; name highway=residential; name=Eric Wright Drive
associatedStreet house addr:housenumber or addr:housename; addr:city; addr:street; addr:postcode (for cities and/or towns with multiple postal codes) addr:housenumber=11523; addr:street=Eric Wright Drive

For "associated" unconnected way/s

Type Role Tags to use Example
associatedStreet street highway; name highway=residential; name=Eric Wright Drive
associatedStreet house addr:interpolation addr:interpolation=any


  • VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER add the name tag (name=*) on the housenumbers. Nobody wants to know where you live, where your friends live, where you did it (don't ask me what "it" is), where some you know lives, or where your favorite celebrities live. Because there are people who are paranoid about their security.
  • Try to map housenumbers during siesta time (1-4 PM), since a good percentage of the populace are tired and sleepy. Especially in places where locals are known for their violent behavior. Don't map housenumbers between 10 PM and 5 AM (local time)
  • Have an identification card (and OpenStreetMap promotional materials) to prove (to certain people, especially occupants and local officials) that you aren't a crook/thief scouting for houses to loot or a "stalker".
  • If necessary, coordinate with the local authorities (preferably with barangay officials) before mapping, especially if you’re gathering “sensitive” data like housenumbers. this will lessen their suspicion.


  • Housenumbers vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Examples can be found on the table below.
Housenumber examples
Place How they apply it Example
Los Baños, Laguna Except for some poblacion barangays, Mayondon, Batong Malake and possibly Bagong Silang, All barangays in Los Baños use two housenumbers - one assigned in the early to mid-1990's and another assigned in the late 2000's.
Paete, Laguna The ref of the barangay (01 to 11) and the actual housenumber nn-nnn