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This page aims to be the template for town and pages within the Philippines.

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Place [[wikipedia:Place|Wikipedia]] is a (town/city) in the Philippines located in [location] [name of larger place]. [Mention areas which surround Place. If it borders a water feature, write as "To the (direction1) lies the (water feature)...". If it borders another place, write as "To the (direction2) is the (Otherplace)" and so on. This part is optional for Non-Metro Manila places] Place is classified as a [nth]-class [classification] and has a population of xxx, xxx based on the May 1, 2015 census[1]. It is divided into xx barangays (Optional: and xx districts)[2].

[Add facts about the place (tourist attractions, historical events, etc.) here][3].

Map Tools

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[Add general situation of Place on the map (Example: Most of the streets has been added through Bing/Esri/Mapbox/Maxar imagery and physical surveys. However, some POIs (places of interest) are not yet mapped.)]

A full explanation of colors and symbol legends can be found here.
[Add status table (divided into groupings, barangays or districts here)]


[You can add administrative boundaries under the place's jurisdiction here]

Notes and References

[References will be reflected at this part of the page]

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