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This page discusses my obsession with the Philippine power network (including but not limited to power lines and related infrastructure).

The network of power lines are an important part of infrastructure networks in any country. The Philippines is no exception.

Among other things, I specialize in adding power lines and related infrastructure in OpenStreetMap, especially in the Philippines.

Status of the Philippine Power Grid

Most power transmission lines are owned and/or operated by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, while power generating sites are owned by various companies. It is currently divided into three grids: the Luzon Power Grid, the Visayas Power Grid, and the Mindanao Power Grid. They are further subdivided into dozens of transmission lines, which carry up to 500 kilo volts of energy

Why are you obsessed with the Philippine power networks?

I am interested with power lines since it brings the juice needed to power up many items (including computers). Also, I'm not a fan of power outages.

Power lines mapped


  • Dasmariñas-Biñan Transmission Line 1524350 (i J P2)
  • Biñan-Sucat Transmission Line 1524351 (i J P2)
  • MakBan-Calauan-Kalayaan Transmission Line 1407254 (i J P2)
  • MakBan-Batangas Transmission Line 1407227 (i J P2)
  • San Manuel-Concepcion-Mexico Transmission Line 1447951 (i J P2)
  • Mexico-Hermosa Transmission Line 1459152 (i J P2)


  • Bacolod-Kabankalan Transmission Line 1524342 (i J P2)


Infrastructure and Regulation


  • Small Power Utilities Group - A company wholly-owned by the Government of the Philippines, it serves many rural parts of the country.
  • Visayan Electric Company - A power distribution company based in the Visayas, it serves Cebu City and its environs.
  • Manila Electric Company - A power distribution company based in Luzon, it serves approximately 1/4 of Luzon (including Metro Manila)