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This page contains concluded, ongoing, recurring and planned OpenStreetMap-related tasks and projects undertaken independently by this contributor or by collaborating with other contributors.
One of my recurring tasks is to provide the UP Los Baños community with the most complete digital map of the area. Most edits in the area were undertaken between 2009 and 2017 Screenshot taken on October 31, 2010



Task Start date-end date Other details
Added housenumbers in own neighborhood, plus Lakeside Park Subdivision and other nearby neighborhoods/communities March 2009-May 2010 May need updating, barangays may have changed the housenumber schema in their respective jurisdictions
Completed the Batong Malake road network (including UPLB and nearby residential areas) First Phase: June-October 2009
Added 2 retail areas on their opening dates 1300-1430 PHT October 1, 2010 (SM City San Pablo)
0750-0840 PHT October 15, 2010 (SM City Calamba)

outside Laguna

Task Start date-end date Other details
Participated in the Tagaytay Mapping Party May 16, 2009 Mapped road between Cabuyao, Laguna and People's Park in the Sky area, added POI's and other roads
Added POI's in Baguio City, made path to Mines View Park routable, verified Luisita Parkway/Access Road (Tarlac) March 12-14, 2010
Participated in the Ortigas-Mandaluyong Mapping Party May 22, 2010 Added buildings and POI's in the southern portion of San Antonio, Pasig, plus bits of Ugong
Participated in the Cavite Road Network September 11, 2010 Added dirt roads and historical spots
Made various fixes and additions in Clark Freeport, Pampanga October 19-23, 2010
Participated in the Intramuros Mapping Party December 12, 2010
Added landuse and streets in Pampanga June-July 2011 Panic editing, Yahoo was in the process of phasing out its imagery
Add landuse, swimming pools, basketball courts, water towers, and buildings between Los Baños and San Pedro, Laguna June 2008 - February 2015 Additional task: adjust POI's to the right offset. Task deemed complete as contributors have independently worked on this task but would need some cleanup.
Railway lines 2011-2014 Goal: trace the railway tracks from Manila to Naga City
TODO: connect the missing parts (Quezon and Camarines Sur)

Completion date unknown.

In Progress/Ongoing


Task Start date - Expected end date Other details
Completing the San Pablo City road network June 2008 - February 2017 TODO: Extreme southern parts of the city
The 25 Cities project Conceptualization - 2009
Eventual completion - 2016
Post here
Providing the UP Los Baños community the most complete digital map of the area Initial start - June 2009, Expected completion - March 2016
(Goal for June-October 2012 - Add more buildings in the Forestry areal; POI verification every start of semester.)
Future targets - IPB Complex, UP Rural High School
Adding kilometer markers Second quarter 2010-2030 Added kilometer markers all over Cavite, along NLEX, SLEX, Pan-Philippine Highway between Calamba to San Pablo, San Pablo-Calauan-Calamba road and other major roads in Metro Manila (August-mid November 2010)
Santa Rosa City Road Network December 2010 - 2016 Trace roads using Bing imagery, then let locals add names, POI's, etc.
Streets and important POI's of Calamba January 2011 - 2017 Priority areas: First wave: Bagong Kalsada, Pansol, Bucal, Real, Halang and Lecheria

Second wave: Milagrosa (Tulo), Turbina, Makiling, Saimsim and areas near Mount Makiling

Remap various places January-October 2012 Panic editing due to feared data loss
Adding roads/paths to the Seven Lakes of San Pablo February to November 2012 Priority: Pandin, Calibato and Yambo lakes
Completing the San Pablo - Calamba jeepney route March to August 2012 Primary route complete, add secondary routes and stops in selected areas
Remapping/cleaning up map data in the Angeles City/Clark Freeport/Mabalacat City area July to August 2012 Remap, polygonize residential areas, add landuse and other points of interest (buildings, swimming pools, water tanks)
Major and somewhat major roads (plus local shortcuts) outside San Pablo City October 2012 to 2018 Other mappers are also doing this, filling the gaps won't hurt
Other residential areas outside Batong Malake, Los Baños October 2012 to 2018 Other mappers are also doing this, filling the gaps won't hurt


  • Year-round: Add and update flagpole info
  • June-July: Add and update Philippine diplomatic missions


  • February-April: Cleanup mangled data and possible copyvio in San Pablo, Laguna
  • March-April: Map outdoor warning sirens in Hennepin County, Minnesota and Greater Tulsa Region, Oklahoma

No definite end date

Task Relevant dates Other details
Mapping guide Supposed to start by October 2012 Create a "What to map and what not to map" guide.
Maperitive guide creation Supposed to start by April 2014 Create a "Maperitive for the uninitiated" guide.
Fixing various map errors Initial start was October 2013 The hashtag #mapjanitor was considered to be used for such efforts.
Overhaul of WikiProject Philippines/Philippines mapping project-related pages October-November 2012, later extended indefinitely with irregular updates and edits Initial goal was to add templates for project page/s and mapping parties
  • Adding speed limits, lit streets and street surface [Start: April 2010]
  • Adding building details [Start: January 2012; more info here]
  • Adding fire hydrants [Start: February 2012]
  • Adding trees in selected areas [Start: 2011]
  • Adding landuse and buildings along major roads in Mega Manila [Start: November 2009; other mappers are more than welcome to accomplish this task]
  • Encouraging people to use OpenStreetMap [Start: May 2012]
    • For government offices/bureaus
    • For tourists/backpackers
    • For people in the education sector (teachers and students)
    • For media (blogs, community newspapers, radio and television networks)
  • Encouraging people to contribute to OpenStreetMap [Start December 2011]


Note: Assuming that instances of the so-called 2012 phenomenon and similar/related phenomena do not happen, these tasks will push through as scheduled.

Task Planned/expected start and end dates Other details
Import 7-Eleven Store Location Data November 2012 to May 2013 (No longer pursued) An import was proposed to add location data from 7-Eleven (Philippines) under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Philippines license. Data import no longer pursued due to it lacking addresses and/or latitude/longitude fields. It has been used to cross-reference information for various 7-Eleven branches.


Places where I'd love to go and map

Place+link Status Other details
South Triangle & Scout area, Quezon City Mapped during the QC Scout Area Mapping Party May map some missed out spots
western Bataan 2/3 of Balanga not mapped (outside aerial imagery limit)
Canlubang, Laguna Mapped by Ian Haylock Needs more buildings and landuse
Areas along Laguna de Bay (from Calamba to Paete) Close to road completion but some areas have missing road coverage
Manapla & Victorias City, Negros Occidental Sans a trunk road, mostly blank space TODO: Major and minor roads
Port Area and Tondo, Manila Mostly road complete, needs more landuse, buildings and POI's
Lucena City, Quezon Most roads added. TODO: Map critical POI's (government facilities, schools, hospitals, restaurants, gas stations, public toilets, bus stops/stations)
Kalayaan, Palawan Mapped as a town polygon and a bunch of islands TODO: Map the entire town (excluding military facilities)


  • Landuse from Cacutud, Mabalacat, Pampanga to Calicanto, Batangas City, Batangas
  • Zero routing errors within 30 kilometers of San Pablo City


Name of tool URL Status Description
Service discontinued, replaced by Taginfo
Taginfo instance for the Philippines
Statistics for the Philippines
Downloads (Active)
  • Geofabrik updates on a daily basis
  • Interline Metro Extracts updates on a daily basis, has coverage for Metro Manila
Partial list of active services used for downloading OpenStreetMap data for the Philippines in various formats.
Downloads (Depreciated) (Cloudmade) (Metro Extracts) (Mapzen Metro Extracts)
  • CloudMade last updated its extracts on December 13, 2011, service discontinued since May 2014.
  • Metro Extracts previously updated on a weekly to monthly basis, which covered Metro Manila. Its extracts were last updated on December 21, 2013.
  • Mapzen Metro Extracts previously updated on a weekly basis, which covered Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao and Manila. Its extracts were last updated in 2018.
Partial list of depreciated services once used for downloading OpenStreetMap data for the Philippines in various formats.
LandAbuse Checker
Service no longer exists, may resurface as a Maperitive rule. Based on the Ride the City III CloudMade Map Style, once used to check the landuse coverage. Los Baños, Laguna used to be the starting point of this map.
Multilingual Country-List (Tagalog)
Depreciated Used to add Tagalog names of countries around the world.
OpenStreetMap in Tagalog
Depreciated Used to have weekly/bi-weekly updates
MapCraft Cake Slice for San Pablo City
List of essential JOSM plugins
List of Bing imagery offsets for JOSM
Imagery Coverage Map (Original) (Mirror)
No longer maintained Used to show aerial/satellite imagery coverage for the Philippines
OpenStreetMap Changeset Analyzer RSS Feed,13.923765,121.600959,14.595904 Link covers Laguna province, similar to OWL.