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The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Antillas, Caribbean, North America

latitude: 24.15, longitude: -76.6
Browse map of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas 24°09′00.00″ N, 76°36′00.00″ W
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The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a country in Antillas, Caribbean, North America at latitude 24°09′00.00″ North, longitude 76°36′00.00″ West.

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Nassau on the main island seems to have good coverage while the rest of the country need plenty work.

Much of Freeport has decent coverage but more work is needed. POI Coverage is limited and needs improving.

Mapping Notes

The Bahamian pine forests tend to have a very thin layer of top soil over limestone that is as pale as the beaches. A bright, clear path on aerial imagery may not be paved or maintained.

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