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Myanmar, Southeastern Asia

latitude: 18.75, longitude: 95.5
Browse map of Myanmar 18°45′00.00″ N, 95°30′00.00″ E
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Myanmar is a country in Southeastern Asia at latitude 18°45′00.00″ North, longitude 95°30′00.00″ East.


Configuration and integration of Sahana and OSM, and establishment of communities in Myanmar.

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relation Bing Maps coverage in Myanmar

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Top Priorities as of 2012

  • Configuration and setup of local OSM server(s), decide on time frame, decide on output: WMS or TMS - Brett,Neil and Mikel
    • Brett currently working on a tiles generator server configuration using a combination of osmosis replication, mapnik tiles generation and tilecache on demand tile generation.
  • Patch and test latest GIS code from Sahana unstable to sahana_myanmar branch, help configure module to access OSM data - Mifan
  • Create OSM TMS support in Sahana OpenLayers client, decide on timeframe - Mifan
  • Handle database l10n in UTF - Rob, Mifan
  • Hosting requirement and Infrastructure plan - Rob, Chris Tun
  • OSM Hosting infrastructure plan - Brett, Neil
  • Support Myanmar language version of the OpenStreetMap. i.e. street names in Myanmar - Myanmars
I see already myanmar characters in the OSM map, is this still a TODO? --Capiscuas 08:57, 16 April 2012 (BST)

Other Data Sources

Myanmar on Garmin

Download mkgmap and use the following commands on linux. If you use Microsoft Windows you will also have to download wget.

     wget -O mm.osm,15.5,98.0,23.0
     java -jar mkgmap.jar mm.osm

Then use sendmap to load the resulting .img file into a Garmin GPS device (Sendmap is available from and mkgmap is available from‎). The overpass server is needed to get such a large area.

This covers most touristed parts of Myanmar. You'll most likely want to modify the styles that dictate what parts of the OSM map go into the garmin map. See Mkgmap for more info on mkgmap. (You can also use it to produce a gmapsupp.img file to place directly on the SD card without using sendmap).

People Involved


OnDemandTileServer - Instructions for installation and configuration of server for generating tiles on-demand.

Progress : Areas/Cities in Myanmar

Some progress mapping Yangon (Rangoon) The largest city - (map)

Also there is coverage for Mandalay due the availability of Aerial images.

Overflorian (talk) 19:37, 25 November 2018 (UTC) I mapped the indoor spaces / rooms of the Mandaly International airport's building (see indoor multi-level visualization) but only the departure floor (1st floor). Need help to finish the arrival floor (floor 0).

TODO: Describe/coordinate progress in other areas

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