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收费道路收取部分或全部交通的通行费用。 在wiki页中编辑此说明 在数据项中编辑此说明
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How to map

Only portions of way from which there is no "escape" except for a U-turn should be marked as toll. A toll authority may maintain sections of road that are free to drive on, but charge a toll to pass a certain point. In that case, only the area around said point should be marked as toll.

  • Where most traffic is required to pay a fee then use toll=yes and identify any classes that are not charged as exceptions, some examples: toll:bicycle=no, toll:motorcycle=no or toll:hov=no.
  • When the general condition is that vehicles are not charged then use toll=no together with over-rides for classes that are charged. For example: toll=no, toll:hgv=yes
  • toll=snowmobile - To use the unplowed track during wintertime with snowmobile, one has to pay (annual) fee to the operator. On summertime this same track/road is for general access and no fee.

Use barrier=toll_booth to map the actual booths or highway=toll_gantry in the case of barrier free toll gantries where fees are collected.

See also

  • fee=* For specifying whether a fee is usually charged for a service, or for access.
  • payment=* For specifying the methods of payment which are accepted.