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Overpass API (先前被稱為OSM Server Side Scripting,或是2011年前被稱為OSM3S),是唯讀,可選擇特定的開放街圖圖資的API。Overpass API扮演網路上的資料庫角色:客戶端送出檢索指令到API這邊,然後得到檢索相關的地圖資料。

Overpass API不像主要的API那樣針對編輯的需求最佳化,而是高度針對資料消費者需求,像是只要稍微看幾個東西,或是用幾分鐘時間下載上億的物件,只要選擇適當的搜尋選項,如:地點、資料類型、標籤內容、周圍,或是上述選項的組合。Overpass API扮演不少服務的後端資料庫。

Overpass API 比起先前的XAPI為基礎的工具,使用相當強大的檢索語言。要得到更詳細資訊,請見介紹性質的語言指南,或是完整的Overpass檢索語法指南/語法大全。通常我們建議透過interactive 網頁版的前端overpass turbo熟悉Overpass API不同的功能。要為了先前的服務,則有[#XAPI Compatibility Layer|相容性層]]來容許從XAPI順暢的轉換。

公開的Overpass API

要支援小型或是良好擴充的 OSM 主要服務,Overpass API 以第三方服務的方式提供服務。你可以用公開服務的站台:

Name Data coverage Endpoint Version Attic data Hardware Munin Usage policy
Main Overpass API instance Global http://overpass-api.de/api/interpreter 0.7.54 是 4 physical cores, 32 GB RAM, SSD Link Both servers have a total capacity of about 1.000.000 requests per day. You can safely assume that you don't disturb other users when you do less than 10.000 queries per day or download less than 5 GB data per day.
Rambler Overpass API instance Global http://overpass.osm.rambler.ru/cgi/interpreter 0.7.54 没有 8 cores, 64 GB RAM, hard disks ?
French Overpass API instance Global http://api.openstreetmap.fr/oapi/interpreter 0.7.53 没有 24 cores, 15 GB RAM, SSD Link You are welcome to use that API for any purpose. As long as you don't exceed 1.000 queries per day per "project". (By "project" I mean if you use this API in a smartphone app and you have 10.000 customer querying once per day then you are above the limit)

Currently down for an unknown period, current maintainer isn't willing to spend time on it

Swiss Overpass API instance Switzerland only http://overpass.osm.ch/api/interpreter ? 没有 12 cores, 64 GB RAM, hard disks ? Ask User:Datendelphin
Irish Overpass API instance Island of Ireland only http://overpass.openstreetmap.ie/api/interpreter (http://overpass-turbo.openstreetmap.ie/) 0.7.54 没有 4 x 2.6GHz cores, 8GB RAM, hard disks ? Server also runs several other services so only for light usage.
vi-di.fr's Overpass API instance Global https://overpass.osm.vi-di.fr/api/interpreter 0.7.54 (continuous integration) 没有 8 x 3.4GHz cores, 16GB RAM, SSD ? Please set email-address in user agent query string for eventual contact

Currently down for an unknown period

Internal Overpass API instance of Walk Commander app Global Please contact project maintainer to get access (info@appsthatmatter.de) 0.7.52 没有 4 cores, 32GB RAM, hard disks ? Please contact project maintainer to get access (info@appsthatmatter.de)
kumi.systems Overpass API Global https://overpass.kumi.systems/api/interpreter 9da5e7ae 是 3 servers with 20 cores, 256GB RAM, SSD each - Feel free to use this server in any project. The individual servers can be found at 1.overpass.kumi.systems, 2.overpass.kumi.systems and 3.overpass.kumi.systems, respectively. The main URL will forward to one of those through round-robin and should be used whenever possible. Operational issues/questions/feedback? Please post a support ticket.
Taiwan Overpass API Global https://overpass.nchc.org.tw ? ? ? If you have any question or feedback, please contact OSM.tw or contact NCHC FSL


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