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Bienveníos a OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap tien l'envís de crear y proporcionar datos xeográficos llibres, como planos de cais, a cualesquier persona que los quiera. El proyeutu entamó porque la mayor parte de los mapes que se creen llibres en realidá tienen torgues llegales o téuniques nel so usu, qu'eviten que la xente pueda usalos de maneres creatives, productives, o inesperaes.

Lo que quiero ye ver mapes, ¡aparta!

Tolos recursos pa qu'un usuariu nuevu deprenda y se xunte a OpenStreetMap.
La referencia completa de tolo necesario pa la edición de los nuesos mapes.
Echa un gabitu colos tos conocimientos de programación p'ameyorar OpenStreetMap.
¿Tienes una entruga? Les más comunes tienen la rempuesta equí.
Información y recursos pa periodistes.
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Calendariu d'actividaes +/-
Social 25 xnt Mappy Hour in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mapping party 25 xnt #MapLesotho Mapathon in Maseru, Lesotho
Mapping party 25 xnt #MapLesotho Mapathon in Dublin, Ireland
Mapping party 25 xnt '#MapLesotho Mapathon in Munster, Germany
Social 26 xnt Saturday Mapternoon, Salt Lake City, United States
United States
Social 28 xnt Stammtisch Bremen, Germany
Social 28 xnt Stammtisch Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Germany
Social 30 xnt Stammtisch Düsseldorf, Germany
Meeting 31 xnt OSMTime, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Social 1 ago OSM-Treffen Essen, Germany
Social 6 ago 38. Wiener Stammtisch
Social 7 ago Stammtisch Lübeck, Germany
Social 7 ago Stammtisch Dresden
Social 8 ago Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch
Social 9 ago OpenStreetMap 10th Anniversary Birthday party in cities worldwide!
Social 9 ago OSM-Treffen Dortmund, Germany
Mapping party 9 ago Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Conference 9 ago Seattle, Washington
United States
Social 11 ago Stammtisch Graz
Social 11 ago Mappertreffen Passau
Social 12 ago OSM-Stammtisch Landshut, Germany
Social 12 ago Stammtisch Hamburg, Germany
Social 12 ago GeoBeers, Salt Lake City, United States
United States
Social 13 ago Braunschweig/Stammtisch
Social 13 ago OSM-Stammtisch München, Germany
Social 16 ago OSM-Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social 19 ago Glasgow, Scotland
Mapping party 23 ago Stirling, Scotland
Social 26 ago Derby, UK
United Kingdom
Conference 8–14 set FOSS4G conference in Portland
Conference 3–5 och OSMit2014, Matera
Conference 7–9 pay State Of The Map 2014, Buenos Aires   Sotm-2014-bueno-aires-logo.png

more events…

Imaxe de la selmana +/-
Gorbals 3d.jpg
3D printed model of the Gorbals, Glasgow, location of the Commonwealth games 2014. Created using osm2world to convert from .osm to 3D and SRTM elevation data. Printed using a Ultimaker 2.
otres imaxes destacaes
Meta Info +/-
Estáu de la plataforma

Up and running

Estadístiques Estadístiques, Informe estadísticu diariu
Actividá Canales RSS

Noticies +/-
28 xun The weekly notes will be stopped after 4years, if there is nobody willing to continue the translation from DE
28 xun The wiki main page was redesigned to be lighter and strictly use-case oriented, and we introduce navigation pages
25 xun After State Of The Map Europe 2014 has ended, a lot of video footage is available from its wiki page.
8 xun OSM contributors can now add their ORCID identifier to their user page on this wiki, using {{User ORCID}}.
5 xun Mapbox releases Mapbox GL, a framework for client-side rendered vector maps on iOS using OpenStreetMap data.
5 may New release of Mapsforge 0.4.0 (offline vector map rendering framework)
Now 2014 West Africa Ebola Response
9 abr Imagery from DigitalGlobe now available for use via mapbox [1]
4 abr A new editor is released, Level0.
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Canales de contautu cola comunidá+/-
Xuntase y comunicase con otres persones de la comunidá d'OpenStreetMap.
Alderique na web
Alderique per corréu (popular)
Sala de charra en vivo
Manera rápida y cenciella d'informar de fallos nel mapa
Otres canales de contautu

Descargar y usar los datos+/-

Tenemos mapes con recursos que cubren Libia, Costa de Marfil, y Sendai (Xapón).

Se puen descargar y usar los datos de cualesquier parte o d'OpenStreetMap ensembre:

Lolcat of awesomeness+/-

Zverik for hiz multi purrpose orsum Blog, Forum and everything maps plugin unda teh WTFPL!