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Beskikbare tale
=== UNDER CONSTRUCTION === Welkom by OpenStreetMap, die projek wat verniet geografiese data skep en voorsien vir enige iemand wat dit wil gebruik. Ons het die projek begin want die meeste kaarte wat jy dink is verniet het gewoonlik resgse en tegniese beperkings as jy dit gebruik. Die beperkings hou mense weg daarvan om die kaarte kreatiewe, produktiewe en/of onverwagte maniere te gebruik.
Die Kaart Gebruik die hoof aanlyn kaarte of van die baie ander dienste..
Bydrae Gebruik die Beginners Gids om uit te vind hoe om die kaart inhoud te verbeter. Anders kan jy ook 'n fout raporteer deur Notes te gebruik. Jy kan ook die developers help om beter gereedskap te maak, donasies gee of data te skryf wat ander kan invoer in hulle rekenaars.
Kartering Projekte Vind uit oor die verskeie Kartering Projekte, van toegankilikheid (vir sig en mobiliteid gestremde persone) tot winter sporte. Vir 'n lys van Lande/gebiede van Afghanistan tot Zimbabwe.
Map Features The Map Features page will show you how to tag everything from an Acacia tree to a zoological garden.
Help To get answers when things aren't working.
About Find out about how the project works and its many Contributors.
Licensing We have changed the license from CC BY-SA to the Open Database License (ODbL).
News +/-
28 Jun The weekly notes will be stopped after 4years, if there is nobody willing to continue the translation from DE
28 Jun The wiki main page was redesigned to be lighter and strictly use-case oriented, and we introduce navigation pages
23 Jun After State Of The Map Europe 2014 has ended, a lot of video footage is available from its wiki page.
8 Jun OSM contributors can now add their ORCID identifier to their user page on this wiki, using {{User ORCID}}.
5 Jun Mapbox releases Mapbox GL, a framework for client-side rendered vector maps on iOS using OpenStreetMap data.
5 Mei New release of Mapsforge 0.4.0 (offline vector map rendering framework)
Now 2014 West Africa Ebola Response
9 Apr Imagery from DigitalGlobe now available for use via mapbox [1]
4 Apr A new editor is released, Level0.
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Image of the week +/-
Gorbals 3d.jpg
3D printed model of the Gorbals, Glasgow, location of the Commonwealth games 2014. Created using osm2world to convert from .osm to 3D and SRTM elevation data. Printed using a Ultimaker 2.
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Zverik for hiz multi purrpose orsum Blog, Forum and everything maps plugin unda teh WTFPL!

Event Calendar +/-
Social 25 Jul Mappy Hour in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mapping party 25 Jul #MapLesotho Mapathon in Maseru, Lesotho
Mapping party 25 Jul #MapLesotho Mapathon in Dublin, Ireland
Mapping party 25 Jul '#MapLesotho Mapathon in Munster, Germany
Social 26 Jul Saturday Mapternoon, Salt Lake City, United States
United States
Social 28 Jul Stammtisch Bremen, Germany
Social 28 Jul Stammtisch Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Germany
Social 30 Jul Stammtisch Düsseldorf, Germany
Social 1 Aug OSM-Treffen Essen, Germany
Social 6 Aug 38. Wiener Stammtisch
Social 7 Aug Stammtisch Lübeck, Germany
Social 7 Aug Stammtisch Dresden
Social 8 Aug Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch
Social 9 Aug OpenStreetMap 10th Anniversary Birthday party in cities worldwide!
Social 9 Aug OSM-Treffen Dortmund, Germany
Mapping party 9 Aug Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Social 11 Aug Stammtisch Graz
Social 11 Aug Mappertreffen Passau
Social 12 Aug OSM-Stammtisch Landshut, Germany
Social 12 Aug Stammtisch Hamburg, Germany
Social 12 Aug GeoBeers, Salt Lake City, United States
United States
Social 13 Aug Braunschweig/Stammtisch
Social 13 Aug OSM-Stammtisch München, Germany
Social 26 Aug Derby, UK
United Kingdom
Conference 8–14 Sep FOSS4G conference in Portland
Social 23 Sep Nottingham, UK
United Kingdom
Conference 3–5 Okt OSMit2014, Matera
Conference 7–9 Nov State Of The Map 2014, Buenos Aires   Sotm-2014-bueno-aires-logo.png

more events…